New Line of Electromagnetic Coils for Vibratory Feeders

Indianapolia,IN (PRWEB) December 2, 2006

REO electromagnet coils are used in vibratory parts feeding processes where material is fed automatically. The driving force for the vibratory feeder machines are electromagnets, switching On and Off rapidly with AC current. The performance of the magnet is ensured by the temperature class of the wire, potting material, magnet wire sizes and turns. An electromagnet works on the principle that an electric current not only allows electrons to flow in a circuit but also generates a powerful magnetic field. The magnetic field is controlled by the air gap setting of the “I” lamination. This is the parallel distance between the magnet and “I” measured at rest. Generally, the air gap setting will be .030″ to .120″, however the wider the gap the higher the current. Over current saturation of the electromagnet will cause thermal runaway and effect performance.

REO-USA is pleased to announce our new line of electromagnetic coils for vibratory feeders. Our coil, the REOMAGnet is an excellent choice for maximum vibration and efficient power usage. The REOMAGnet is the most advanced electromagnetic feeder coil available today. Our engineering encompasses the very best inductor, insulation class and energy usage. Various performance tests including current over temperature rise, Hypot, induction and thermal runaway demonstrate the REOMAGnet has a distinctive advantage.

For more information, contact: Gil Garcia (317.899.1395)

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