New Molecule Keychains Help You Look Smart, Not Lose Keys

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 22, 2008

Anyone looking for a solution to the age-old problem of avoiding looking stupid by misplacing their keys need look no further than a line of molecule keychains offered by Chicago-based online retailer Fractalspin.

“I hated looking stupid when I would lose my keys in my pocket, but the distinctive shape of the caffeine molecule makes it so much easier to grab them without looking,” says Caffeine Keychain owner Andrew Lochhead. Apart from the distinctive tactile shape that results from the diagram of the molecule’s structure, their eye-catching design makes it near-impossible to miss one’s keys, whether they’re on the coffee table, lab bench, or desktop.

Besides making their owners look capable as they easily locate their keys, these pewter accessories make their owners look intelligent in other ways too. Molecule keychain owners love and appreciate the beauty associated with science and scientific discovery, both advertising their nerdy inclinations and their embrace of life’s most basic elements.

Fractalspin is an online Chicago-based “geek boutique” with nerdy gear for stylish people, featuring hand-picked stylish stuff, like duct tape wallets, geek jewelry, circuit board notebooks, gaming-related candy and snarky t-shirts.


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