New Oscilloscope Provides Sophisticated Features – Without the Price Tag

(PRWEB) May 3, 2005

With advances in high-speed digital circuitry, many engineers require a powerful digital oscilloscope that can perform a variety of test and measurement functions including multi-channel operations at high acquisition speeds, scalable memory settings (without sacrificing speed), and real-time waveform persistence that offers insight into waveform behavior over time.

Unfortunately, a digital oscilloscope with this array of features often comes with a prohibitive price tag. As a result, engineers are forced to cope with outdated and underpowered equipment, which can result in serious setbacks in R&D, quality control, delivery schedules and customer satisfaction.

With this in mind, Yokogawa, an innovator in test and measurement equipment, is offering its signalXplorer DL9000 Series of high-bandwidth, high-speed digital oscilloscopes – without the premium price tag. Features include 1 and 1.5 GHz bandwidth with four analog channels; scalable memory that maintains high-speed acquisition; and real-time statistical representation of waveforms. The series includes a high-definition 8.4” LCD, memory purge, the ability to save up to 2000 waveforms into history memory, along with advanced display capabilities.

The DL9000 series starts at $ 10,995, a considerable value compared to high-performance oscilloscopes that have less memory yet are 25-65% more expensive.

High-speed waveform acquisition is provided by two main components: The A/D conversion section includes cascade-type 2.5 GS/s 8-bit converters that are run in parallel and designed for low power consumption. The signal processing circuits generate display data and also perform high-speed waveform and parameter calculations.

Unlike oscilloscopes that offer fast acquisition modes but place limits on the amount of memory used in such modes, the DL9000 Series allows engineers to choose as much memory as necessary for a given measurement.

The series provides four-channel, parallel signal processing for board-level testing via a proprietary Advanced Data Stream Engine (ASDE). As such, the DL9000 can perform 9,000 acquisitions/sec/channel @ 12.k word memory using one or more channels; with all four channels this is equivalent to 450 million points/sec.

Thousands of waveforms per channel can be simultaneously displayed through a new waveform accumulation system. This function utilizes the History memory of the oscilloscope to provide valuable insight into occurrences on other channels during an anomaly, along with the ability to replay or manually step through acquisitions to find the cause.

The images displayed through accumulation on the oscilloscope can be viewed in multi-color or single-color-multi-intensity modes, where the color or intensity changes based on the frequency of waveform events. These images provide visual information about waveform behavior over time, similar to older analog models.

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