New Sharp Memory LCDs Allow for More Content on a Small Display and Deliver Energy Savings

Camas, WA (PRWEB) November 4, 2010

Today, Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced additions to its Memory LCD product line. These include a 2.94-inch display, a 6.0-inch display, and a new 2.7-inch Transflective display (1.35-inch Memory LCDs are also available; see for details).


Sharps Memory LCD technology delivers a high-contrast, high-resolution display that allows for denser content than many other types of same-sized LCDs. It also eliminates sweeping images or ghosting, because only the part of the image that requires updating needs to be changed.


With the new Sharp Memory LCD, embedded 1-bit memory in every pixel enables each pixel to hold state while requiring very little current. This delivers an always on display that uses little power (only a single supply voltage is required), even when updating images. This helps designers create products with exceptionally long battery life.


The response time of the Memory LCD makes it fast enough to display motion video. Bold and crisp black images are delivered by high-resolution capability in a small diagonal display.


A lightweight, two-glass design with an integrated driver in the panel provides an exceptionally thin module thats a perfect solution for compact hand held, wrist-top, and other small-screen devices that benefit from displaying rich content. Incorporating the Memory LCD into a design is simple with 3-wire SPI serial interface (SI, SCS, SCK). The 6.0-inch display includes a CPU-bus interface.


Sharp offers two types of Memory LCD modules (availability varies by size):


Silver Metallic Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Modules (PNLC)


Sharps Polymer Networked Liquid Crystal (PNLC)-type Memory LCD is composed of a PNLC layer formed between a transparent surface electrode and mirror-reflective pixel electrodes. The PNLC module uses a scattering mode and does not require polarizers, which results in a very bright reflective display. A one-bit memory circuit is embedded into each pixel, which retains the pixel information once its written.


Clear Monochrome HR-TFT Module


Sharps HR-TFT technology adds a polarizer to the top layer to greatly enhance the contrast of the display. The black level is dramatically enhanced, resulting in a crisp black and white image that closely mimics the readability of print on paper.


2.7-inch WQVGA HR-TFT Transflective Memory LCD (LS027B7DH01)


The new 2.7-inch Transflective model is Sharps first Transflective Memory LCD. Add a backlight with this display for excellent viewing in dark ambient conditions.

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