New ZVOX 325 Single-Cabinet Surround System Provides Alternative to Multi-Speaker Packages Priced $800-$2,000

Swampscott, MA (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

The rapidly-growing field of single-cabinet audio solutions for televisions has a bold new entry from a company that was a pioneer in the category. ZVOX Audio has targeted high-priced multi-speaker systems with their new Model 325 single-cabinet surround sound system. It features high-performance speakers, a sophisticated amplifier, powered subwoofer and PhaseCue virtual surround technology all in a box only 17 wide. The 325 is priced at $ 349.99.


Millions of people are buying cool new flat-panel TVsonly to discover that their sound is as flat as their pictures, says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. But the appeal of flat-panel sets lies in their sleek, minimalist design. Nobody wants to mess that up with a bunch of speakers and wires. Our new ZVOX 325 delivers performance on par with expensive multi-speaker systemsbut from a one small cabinet. Its the perfect way to add great sound to a flat panel TV.


Designed by veteran speaker engineer Winslow Burhoe, of the ZVOX 325 includes the following features:


Small size: 17 x 16 x 5. Its the same width as a standard sized DVD player.

Easy hookup only one connecting wire.

Simple operationthe owners manual fits on one sheet of paper.

Three precision-made 3.25 full-range speaker drivers in a PhaseCue array.

ZVOX exclusive PhaseCue virtual surround system creates an ultra-wide soundstageso it sounds like you are listening to speakers 8 feet apart from each other. PhaseCue system also generates virtual surround effects with movie soundtracks without rear or side speakers.

High-excursion 4×6 powered subwoofer in bandpass cabinet designed with proprietary ZVOX software.

Sophisticated amplification system that combines the benefits of electronic contouring and bi-amplification with special limiter circuits that prevent distortion.

Front-panel input that allows the user to override the rear inputs so he/she can listen to an iPod

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