Nix Color Sensor

Nix is a patent pending device that allows anyone to become a color expert. Just grab Nix from your pocket, purse, or bag, touch it to an object and magically watch the exact color appear on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. Once scanned, you can keep palettes of your favorite colors, match the color to real life pigments, and even receive directions to the nearest store where you can purchase the color.

Nix is perfect for interior designers, graphic designers, model makers, makeup artists, hobbyists, photographers, fine artists, crafters, hackers, makers, museum curators, painters, land lords, and even… engineers…
We first came up with the idea for Nix™ while working with a few interior design friends. They thought that lugging around tote bags filled with paint decks was a huge pain in the butt and so did we! It’s the 21st century! We didn’t think it made a lick of sense that you should have to pay hundreds of dollars for a big bulky paint deck system that only worked with one company’s paints.
To make the situation worse, this expensive “solution” was still greatly affected by ambient lighting conditions and human error. We discussed the idea of a product that could solve all of these problems and everyone we spoke to in the industry thought it was a great idea, but it never really got past much more than a design on the back of a napkin until the next major milestone in our story.

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