On-Demand Real-Time Calculation of Basel Capital Requirements with Thetica Solutions

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 19, 2011

Thetica Solutions, a sister company to Thetica Systems, now provides consultation on Basel capital requirements for the banking industry and investment firms.


“Thetica Solutions enables clients to automatically calculate regulatory capital requirements. They can calculate whether a securitization’s minimum rating exposure is one from an originating bank or an investing bank, with access to real-time analytics. The resulting information can minimize their put-aside requirements, with automatic calculations on rating exposure, re-securitization, granularity and seniority,” states Jack Broad, company Founder/President and long-time structured finance market consultant.


“Our Thetica ABS Analytics and Structured Products Database enable users to rapidly integrate the data necessary to analyze regulatory capital requirements in minutes instead of months,” said Thetica Systems CEO Ariel Yankilevich. “We are proud to help enable market participants to perform vital analysis of their Basel regulatory capital requirements.”


Three companies now operate under the Thetica brand; in addition to Thetica Solutions, Thetica Systems provides sophisticated analytics solutions to the structured finance market and Thetica provides on-site consulting services to Wall Street for customized data solutions.


Thetica – from the Greek letter “theta” which means Thought, Life Force and Reason and the word “etica” which means Ethics. Thought, reason and ethics are essential elements of any successful business and commitment to this concept is embedded in the company names.


About Thetica Solutions: With state-of-the-art proprietary software, Thetica ABS Analytics, and over 25 years of experience on Wall Street, Thetica Solutions offers expertise in Regulatory Capital and Litigation Support. Those interested should contact 727-804-2660 for a phone consultation or visit http://www.TheticaSolutions.com.


About Thetica Systems: As Wall Street securitization pioneers, Thetica Systems understands the needs of ABS market participants. Its clients include investment banks, hedge funds, capital management, brokers, dealers, and others that invest in or monitor structured finance securities, with users from traders and trading desks, research and product controllers to risk managers, regulatory reporting and IT. Those interested in scheduling a live demonstration should contact 727-724-4182 or visit http://www.TheticaSystems.com for more information.



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