Oscilloscope Added to Tiny Logic Analyzer/Signal Generator

Temecula, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2005

CWAV, a Southern California based electronics company, announced today the addition of the USBee AX Test Pod (AX) to its winning USBee product family. “The AX is an affordable PC-based pod that functions as a programmable oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and digital signal generator all in one compact and easy to use unit,” stated Tim Harvey, Principal of CWAV. “This product offers engineers, students and home hobbyists an affordable and portable way to test and debug their electronic products and designs.”

The AX is used for testing and controlling electronic circuit designs. It verifies analog voltage levels and digital logic, generating a visual representation of the signals. For elaborate testing, the AX’s buffer capacity is able to hold substantial information. The AX relies on the USB 2.0 bus to turn an existing personal computer into a high-powered oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and digital signal generator.

CWAV designed the AX system with personal computer resources in mind. Able to stream data to and from a personal computer, the USBee AX Test Pod performs all triggering and data storing. “This is essential and makes this product affordable,” adds Harvey. “The sample storage capacity of this product is beyond traditional dedicated oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and signal generators.” The AX utilizes personal computer memory as the sample buffer, allowing selectable sample depths from one million to many hundreds of millions of samples per trace.

Offered at three price points, the AX comes in Standard, Plus and Pro packages. The AX-Standard comes with oscilloscope and logic analyzer modules and is priced at $ 445.00 USD. The AX-Plus builds on the Standar’s strengths and adds a signal generator and USB, 12C, SPI and Async decoder modules and is available for $ 745.00 USD. The AX-Pro contains all pieces included in the Plus package with the addition of a data logger, frequency counter, remote controller, PWM controller, frequency generator, pulse counter and the USBee AX ToolBuilder source code library. The source code library allows programming in Visual Basic of Visual C. This AX-Pro is priced at $ 1045.00 USD.

Software for the AX is provided at http://www.usbee.com and runs in demonstration mode without attachment to the AX. The AX product line is available for purchase at http://www.usbee.com or from CWAV’s international distributors.

For more information and a high-resolution image of the USBee AX Test Pod, refer to http://www.usbee.com/usbeeax.zip. Detailed product specifications are available online or upon request. Contact CWAV by electronic mail at [email protected], or request a copy by calling (951) 693-3065.

About CWAV

CWAV’s mission is to be a leader in compact and affordable electronic test tools. Students, engineers, and technicians currently use CWAV’s product line-up in a variety of industries throughout the world. CWAV is headquartered in Temecula, California.

Contact Name: Nicole Robbins, CWAV

Contact Phone: (951) 693-3065

Web Address: http://www.usbee.com

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