Palmchip Launches AcurX Platform with PALM80251 Microcontroller for the Smart Grid Home Area Network (HAN) Markets

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2011

Palmchip launches the PALM80251 microcontroller for the smart grid home area network (HAN) markets. The PALM80251s architecture has been enhanced to provide performance improvements over the MCS-251 family. The energy- and cost-efficient 80251 is based on a customized version of the Intel 80251 processor core together with silicon-proven peripherals targeting HAN appliances.


Palmchip is committed to enabling low-cost consumer devices that address global energy consumption, said Palmchip CEO Jauher Zaidi. Consumer products are very price sensitive. By incorporating a 16-bit processor with low power and small area attributes into their designs, HAN manufacturers can deliver more competitive and cost-effective products.

The 80251 core executes the instruction in a single clock cycle, and is an instruction set compatible implementation of the MCS-251 family. Its about 3.19 times faster on average then the MCS-251 family. The Dhrystone v2.1 benchmark score is 0.258 DMIPS/MHz. The PALM80251 has a total addressable memory of 16Mbytes of which 16Kbytes is implemented as onchip program memory, 1KBytes of on-chip data RAM, and the rest as external memory which can be used as RAM or ROM.


The PALM80251 can be used to implement a HAN coordinator and gateway device to communicate between the numerous devices which might be running inside a home or office building, and the internet gateway to enable remote energy management, where home or business appliances could be controlled from smart phones or PC to save energy.


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Founded in 1996, Palmchip is a leader in system-on-chip platforms and IP cores for mobile devices, embedded software and software applications. In addition to our proven IP cores, Palmchip provides the AcurX series of Plug-in-Ready Mobile SoC Platforms for low-power, high-performance designs. Palmchip technologies can be found on the market today in many mobile applications such as WiFi, network security, Bluetooth, ZigBee, data storage HDD, DVD devices and more. Palmchip also provides mobile design outsourcing services from concept to product. Please visit for more information.

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