Phenom Desktop SEM Available from Nanoscience Instruments

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 02, 2011

Nanoscience Instruments today announced the exclusive distribution of the Phenom Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in the US and Canada. The Phenom is a compact SEM designed to be extremely fast and very easy to use.

“We are delighted to have selected Nanoscience Instruments as our exclusive distributor in the USA and Canada,” said Bill Flecky, general manager of Phenom World North America. “This partnership is a major step in Phenom Worlds progress in establishing the best global distribution network in the industry. With their professional reputation, technical expertise and loyal customer base, Nanoscience Instruments is an excellent choice to move the business forward in this key strategic market.”

The Phenoms ease of use is key to its appeal. Notable features include “never lost sample navigation which is ensured by an integrated video camera, and an intuitive touch screen interface which provides convenient access to all SEM operations. Unlike other SEMs that require advanced user skills and extensive time to operate, the Phenom SEM is user-friendly and offers quick time-to-image.

With a magnification range up to 45,000x, several unique sample holders, and application-specific software packages, the Phenom is a truly professional system, but without the high cost normally associated with SEMs. In addition, the new second generation (G2) models offer improved resolution, upgradeability, and advanced software options.

“The Phenom SEMs complement our lines of atomic force microscopes, 3D optical microscopes, and carbon nanotube synthesis instrumentation,” said Mark Flowers, Nanoscience Instruments’ co-founder. “We are now able to offer a very comprehensive combination of high-quality, easy to use imaging instrumentation for nanoscience research and education.”

Information about the Phenom G2 SEM is available online at, or by calling Nanoscience Instruments at 1-888-777-5573.

About Phenom-World

Phenom-World is a leading global manufacturer of desktop scanning electron microscopes and imaging solutions for sub-micron scale applications. The Phenom SEM-based systems are used in a broad range of markets and applications. Phenom-World BV is based in the high-tech region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This strategic position and collaboration with partners NTS-Group, Sioux Embedded Systems and FEI Company give Phenom-World access to the newest technologies and best resources.

About Nanoscience Instruments

Nanoscience Instruments provides hundreds of products and services for nanoscience and supports research and engineering at universities, government laboratories, and industrial R&D facilities around the world. Product offerings include atomic force microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, 3D optical profilometers, and accessories for these and other high-resolution microscopy techniques. Nanoscience offers a broad line of consumables and fabrication devices that includes AFM probes, CNT synthesis devices, chemicals for surface modification, STM supplies and teaching materials & samples. More information can be found at


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