PrimeArray Systems, Inc. Announces Advanced Functionality on New CD/DVD Servers and Loaders

Tyngsboro, MA (PRWEB) March 1, 2011

PrimeArray Systems has announced the debut of new CD/DVD servers and loaders that offer advanced functionality and combine the benefits of NAS, DVD server and iSCSI technology.


NAS servers are vital parts of computer networks for businesses and organizations of all types. Adding DVD server functionality to an NAS offers increased flexibility, savings and better productivity, as well as enhanced data protection. PrimeArray Systems has a long history of offering the most advanced NAS and DVD server technology. However, they have taken those offerings a step further by combining iSCSI technology with their products for IP-based storage solutions and data storage facility linking.


This inclusion ensures that organizations are able to enjoy the benefits of a network attached storage solution, a DVD server and an iSCSI server all in one piece of equipment. In addition, PrimeArray Systems fully supports older versions of Windows, such as Windows 2003, Vista and new systems like Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.


Full support is offered for the latest operating systems, and customers will benefit from continued firmware updates to their servers through the company. This ensures that any issues posed by new operating systems or operating system updates are handled correctly and eliminated before they cause issues.


Another important feature now available with PrimeArray Systems offerings is the new technology in the server CPUs. All CPUs now operate at a higher speed, but are also much cooler. This ensures faster performance, as well as a longer lifespan, ensuring that customers are able to maximize their investment quite easily.


The new server system offers high-speed I/O architecture design, featuring 4 PCI-Express buses for the best in data throughput, as well as “green” design technology for lower power consumption, which saves money, as well as reducing the organization’s carbon footprint.


For those interested in the utmost in storage capacity, the new offerings from PrimeArray Systems include a new EXT3 file system with 16 TB on a single volume RAID level 6 and 10, as well as SATA2 HDDS with embedded Linux kernel v2.6x. Over 4,000 CDs or 3,000 DVDs can be stored and shared on a single system.


Of course, all of these server configurations are available with unmatched warranty protection, as well as free phone and email technical support for life.


To learn more about how you can benefit from using these advanced servers, visit the company at


About PrimeArray Systems: PrimeArray provides customized storage and server solutions for businesses, organizations and government offices featuring dependable operation and industry-best technology.


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