Quest Components Achieves a Higher Quality Standard with ANSI ESD S20.20 Certification

Hacienda Heights, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

By attaining ESD certification, this demonstrates that electronic component distributor Quest Components, Inc. puts the highest level of importance in protecting all devices that are subject to damage from electro-static discharge. We apply this process in all steps of storage, handling, inspection and shipping providing complete protection to these devices.


Improperly handled devices that are subjected to electro-static discharge can be damaged internally. Sometimes this damage shows up immediately once the component is intially tested on the circuit board it was mounted on. Other, and more worrisome, are the components that pass initial testing, but fail prematurely in the field. These devices may have suffered some damage, but not enough to make the part fail in initial testing. This kind of failure is the worst kind as the end product is already in use in the field and repair costs become very high at this point.


OEMs and CMs that partner with us are assured that all devices that are sensitive to electro-static discharge are handled and stored with the utmost care and concern for the ESD health of the component. Once our customers receive the critical parts they need for their all-important end products, they are confident that all precautions have been exercised.


Rich Harn, Quality Manager for Quest Components states “Achieving ESD S20.20 certification is an important milestone in our continued efforts to provide the highest level of quality in the components we deliver to our end customers.”


You can find more information on our ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification information page


About Quest Components, Inc.


Quest Components, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Independent electronic component distributor that has been servicing the needs of the electronics industry since 1995. Headquartered in Industry, CA, we specialize in passive and active board level components and provide a broad range of services to OEMs and CMs worldwide. Realizing today’s obstacles in the electronic industry, Quest has instituted rigorous controls to combat counterfeit and poor quality products from entering into our supply chain. These controls include thorough supplier screening, rigorous receiving inspection and testing procedures, as well as secondary final inspection before the product ships to our customers.



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