Research and Production Activity, History and Specificity of Development of "NVO" Crystal" LTD

(PRWEB) May 3, 2006

The list of integrated chips, produced by “NVO Crystal” LTD, includes the following classes of goods: operational boosters, IMC for automobile electronics, TV, measuring technique, connection and telephony, sources of reference voltage, sensors and detectors of Hall, IMC of LCI control and timing device, and also analog chips, which are stable towards influence of special factors.


“NVO Crystal” LTD has wide experience of designing of integrated chips and control equipment, and also experience of development of new technological processes in microelectronics. In the process of development and production of microcircuits considerable attention is paid to an improvement in the quality and reliability IS. The goal of the activity of enterprise is the design of high-quality, competitive and technologically effective integrated circuits. The quality of microcircuits is embedded in the development stage an dis ensured in the process of production in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO of series 9000.


Company “REM Verwaltungs GmbH” is the official representative of firm NVO “Crystal” and proposes on the lowest prices (CONSIDERABLY ITEVENED below THE WORLD PRICES) of the microcircuit of the following classes:


Operational amplifiers


Integrated circuits for autoelectronics


ICs for communication systems


Microcircuitry – sensors


ICs for TV


IC for the measurement technique


Special hard cosmic factors OA



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