RFID Based Door Opening System

The RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology steps-up in the modern age in the field of access system, identification, protection system and so many places. In this project, we are using this as an door opening as well as door closing system based on the RFID card number identification. This antitheft project is built to secure the house from unwanted accidents.
RFID Based Door Opening System
The circuit is designed to read and store the card number into a EEPROM chip. For this, we are using a ATMEL24C02 chip to secure the tag number where an mcu AT89S52 is the CPU of the circuit which reads the number from an RFID reader module using serial interrupt. Three buttons are used to store, delete and reset the project. Upto ten cards can be added with this project.
The door system is made with a DC motor which opens and closes the door. The motor is driven by an H-bridge motor driver IC (L293D). You can use your own door access kit but you need to make some changes in the motor driver program as given below.
For more detail: RFID Based Door Opening System

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