San Francisco Breakthrough Coach Hosts Transformational Workshop on Systemic Constellations

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Its a little over one month since the beginning of the New Year, and statistics indicate that only a little over half of those who made New Years Resolutions are still keeping them. Whether the goal was to exercise more, lose weight, find a life partner, start a home-based business, or learn a new skill, challenges will occur along the path to achieving that goal. In order to help people identify and resolve deeper obstacles that are blocking their change efforts, Kathy Scheiern, PhD and owner of PurposeWorks LLC, a San Francisco consulting firm, will host a two-hour workshop on February 22 on Systemic Constellations.


Challenges are a normal part of life, but when all efforts to address them and move on are met with failure, many people become too discouraged to continue. Research into successful change efforts indicates that in order for change efforts to work, the individual needs to believe in three things: (1) change is needed; (2) change is possible; and (3) they have the ability to accomplish the change they desire. If any one (or more) of these three elements is missing, then the related change effort will fall short of the goal.


Scheiern says that people usually agree with the first element that change is needed. However, after struggling without success to achieve their goals, they may begin to believe that change is not possible and/or that they lack the ability to accomplish the change they want.


The usual advice to try harder, do more, stick to the plan, and dont give up is all good, but this may not be enough. In certain circumstances, individuals may be struggling with powerful interpersonal and family system dynamics that actually prevent real change from occurring.


Deeply held patterns of behavior and loyalty in family systems are anchored in powerful feelings of love and belonging, explained Scheiern. These patterns can be very difficult to identify and shift using conventional methods. Systemic Constellation Work is a powerful tool that can help people identify and let go of deeply embedded interpersonal and family patterns.


Kathy Scheiern is a gifted facilitator. I called for some help in working through some very sticky long-standing family issues. She got right to the heart of the problem and gave me some clear direction on what I needed to do to resolve the issues at hand. I followed through on her advice and noticed the change in my energy immediately. Things have opened up in new ways and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’d recommend her to anyone who’s serious about making positive change in their life, said Kelle Sparta, owner of Sparta Success Systems


Scheiern is certified in both Family and Organizational Constellation Work. She has been using this technique in her coaching and consulting business for over 10 years because it is such an effective tool for those seeking real change in their lives.


Kathy Scheiern has been working with me on my personal growth. Her capacity to thoughtfully listen from a witnessing stance has allowed me the safety to explore parts of myself that would otherwise be left untapped. Her experience brings her the wisdom to pin point issues and offer solutions that are truly life-altering for the best. Her integrity and non-judgmental attitude create an atmosphere that is conducive to quick, intensive progress. I will continue to utilize her services as my life continues to change, stated Sandy Batts, an artist and entrepreneur


The workshop, Powerful Breakthroughs with Systemic Constellation Work, will take place on February 22 from 79 PM at Bastets Kindle, 1501 Irving Street (between 16th and 17th Avenues), San Francisco, CA 94122. The workshop has a limited number of spaces available. Pricing is $ 120 for those who would like to have their issue worked on specifically, and $ 60 for those who would like to learn about the technique through the experience of a workshop.


For more information about the Systemic Constellation workshop, or any of PurposeWorks LLCs services, call (415) 813-4199 or visit


About PurposeWorks LLC

PurposeWorks LLC is a leading edge San Francisco human resources consulting firm and executive coaching company. They assist individuals and organizations with their growth and transformation efforts. Specifically, they help people achieve ongoing success by introducing and supporting the development of competencies in skill sets such as values-driven leadership, trust building, and employee empowerment. By balancing the importance of what is rational and readily measured with what is grounded in purpose and meaning, in integrity and trust, and in people and relationships, PurposeWorks LLC opens the doorway to next-level thinking and performance improvement for individuals and organizations.


Dr. Kathy J. Scheiern, owner and lead consultant for PurposeWorks LLC is a Certified Public Accountant who has over 25 years of international and domestic experience in providing performance improvement consulting to organizations and individuals. She holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Organization Transformation, and a Masters of Science in Accountancy with an emphasis in International Business. She is a Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (providing values and cultural capital assessments and transformation support), a Certified Systemic Constellation Work Facilitator (in both Organization and Family Constellations), and a founding member of The Values Collaborative. As a San Francisco business coach, she has conducted numerous workshops on effective change processes, using a variety of tools and techniques to assist clients in transforming both their personal and organizational lives.



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