Saving Time and Money Motivates Avid RVer to Customize Rather Than Build New Mega-Coach

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) March 23, 2011

Every RVer wants a coach to meet their own unique requirements. Such was the case for a client who approached Truline RV. An avid RVer, the client had a custom RV on order with a company known for their high-end mega coaches. However, he did not want to wait to have a custom coach completed. Truline RV listened to the client’s unique needs and custom engineered his production RV with the modifications saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars and speeding up delivery.


In the world of custom RVs, it’s not uncommon for an RVer to spend upwards of two million dollars or more for their mansion on wheels.


These customers are a unique breed. Budget is not the first concern. They often work on the road as celebrities in the film, TV or music industries. NASCAR drivers often find an RV to be an ideal home for themselves and their families when on the circuit.


What they all have in common is the need for an RV that meets their exacting and unique requirements. Even after delivery of a fully customized coach that was a year or more in the making there are still some modifications that need to be done, adding of ideas that came up too late in the build-out process.


As is true with most of these projects, clients like to stay anonymous for security and privacy reasons. A number of them end up at Truline RV to meet with Chad Yackel who has a reputation for accomplishing the impossible, improbable, residential level custom cabinetry and state-of-the-art electronics installations.


“It was an elaborate project,” said Chad Yackel, President of Truline RV. “The owner knew exactly what he wanted and he brought with him new challenges to achieve his goals just the kind of work we consider fun.”


The list of modifications was expansive. The first major upgrade was the remodeling of the drivers’ side slide-out. Gone was the standard table and chair. In its place was a built in dinette of custom-crafted leather. But here’s where this kind of project demands the skill of a high-end custom shop.


“When you leap into the world of custom,” says Yackel adding, “Each project is different and requires special engineering.”


For this dinette, the table had to “float” on a retractable arm. The metal arm the supports the table, in and of itself, is a work of art. But that’s only part of the story. From there, it had to retract in and out with the slide out. And, it had to be sturdy in either position. “That’s the hard part,” says Yackel. “Anyone can make something look good, but we demand perfection and use standard mechanisms to assure easy maintenance through the life of the coach.”


The bedroom featured a very elegant custom made bed spread. All the pillows were custom-made to finish the look of the plush space. Finally, the window treatment presented an unusual problem. To match the bedding, an equal amount of yardage was required to match the pattern of the bed spread. In the world of custom meeting the customers’ unique demands is the name of the game.


“We were really satisfied with the results of these upgrades,” says Yackel, “but the demands of the electronics were unique as well.”


Truline RV is known for its custom electronics. Yackel is modest about their capabilities but he personally oversees the installation of every wire and phase of the design from beginning to end.


To begin with, almost a quarter a mile of Cat 5, component audio-video cable and coax wiring was routed through the coach each end labeled for easy identification during hook-up. In every location where wiring passes through a bulkhead or opening, protective wrap encases it to avoid chafing.


The electronics included an additional custom-mounted Aladin display to monitor all the coaches’ systems in the bedroom. In the living area, a custom stainless steel fluted face frame surrounded the Pioneer Elite plasma HDTV that lowers from over the front cab. A Pioneer Elite surround sound system delivers a true home theater experience.


Truline RV also integrated an Apple computer with time capsule, printer and dual Apple TVs all hard-wired into the network. The coach was further fitted with Wi-Fi so that all portable devices could perform at their peak when on board.


When the entire project was completed it ended up costing less than half of the custom-built coach and not only met the new owners’ specifications and demands it exceeded them.


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About Truline RV


Truline RV is a family owned company located in the Pacific Northwest in the Spokane, Washington area. The company was founded on the idea that the RV community needed a quality option where craftsmanship was still a part of the work ethic when it came to RV repairs, custom work and remodeling.


For more information regarding this press release, phone Chad Yackel at 509.892.7333 or email him at: Chad(at)TrulineRV(dot)com. Logos, web and press images are available by contacting Yackel. Be our friend on Tweet us at

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