Science Labs Go Virtual with School Specialty’s Launch of iNeo/SCI Advanced Placement Biology

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 1, 2011

School Specialty takes the lab experience for Advanced Placement (AP) Biology courses virtual with today’s launch of the iNeo/SCI Virtual Labs . Developed by the company’s Frey Scientific division , these new science lab solutions were unveiled today at FETC 2011 in Orlando. iNeo/SCI Virtual Labs provide high school students with realistic experiences of actual lab investigations that allow them to review, record and analyze results online.


The iNeo/SCI Virtual Labs are delivered online, allowing students to access them any time, and from any computer connected to the Internet. Real labs are a great way to learn but are not always feasible because they can be costly, time-intensive and, in some cases, even dangerous. Each iNeo/SCI Virtual Lab is aligned to state standards and includes a tutorial, virtual lab experience, assessment, teacher resources and a learning management system. Realistic laboratory experiences allow students to perform every step of a laboratory investigation on the computer. They use tools; operate equipment; change variables; and view, analyze and record results. The results are dynamic so students can experience the same range of variations in data as they would in an actual lab.


“As AP exams evolve with a greater focus on analytical and problem-solving skills, it is more important than ever that students complete the full laboratory experience for these rigorous science courses, regardless of the physical or financial resources of their schools,” said Steven Korte, President of School Specialty’s Accelerated Learning Group. “Our iNeo/SCI Virtual Labs combine state-of-the-art web technology with nearly 50 years of experience in providing creative, standards-based solutions for science education to produce a complete, meaningful laboratory experience for students anytime, anywhere.”


The assessment component in each lab allows teachers to create meaningful tests with the click of a mouse, choosing from a library of level-appropriate exam questions, and to create additional questions in five styles: multiple choice, term definition, labeling, essay or concept map.


A rich toolkit of teacher resources features graphical science content, such as still imagery and animations, which lets teachers customize tests, tutorials, presentations and printable handouts. The embedded learning management system in each iNeo/SCI Virtual Lab allows teachers to monitor student progress, grade exams and track grades right from their computer. The company plans to introduce General Biology and General Chemistry i/NeoSCI titles later this year.


More information and a free 21-day trial of iNeo/SCI Virtual Labs are available at


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