Screaming Circuits Offers Lead-Free / RoHS Process Guidance

Canby, OR (PRWEB) April 20, 2006

Screaming Circuits new Web site is designed to help demystify RoHS. They have been assembling prototype and low-volume printed circuit boards in a completely lead-free process since February 2006. With the deadline nearing, their Web site now has a special section focused just on lead-free.

A World-wide move is on to remove lead and other hazardous materials from electronic products. The European Parliament created a Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive which bans certain hazardous substances from electronics products sold in Europe. Companies have until July, 2006 to remove lead and five other substances from electronic equipment. In addition to the European regulations, several U.S. states and a number of other countries are adopting or considering adopting similar rules.

Screaming Circuits will help in several ways. The Web site, contains a wealth of information designed to assist designers in producing RoHS ready product. The site offers advice, checklists and plain-language information on RoHS compliance. These new lead-free requirements are a great step forward in terms of environmental responsibility for this industry, but can be a huge mystery for the designers forced to work within the constraints said Duane Benson, Screaming Circuits marketing manager. We want to take the mystery out of the process so that more engineers will be able to develop lead-free boards without adding concerns over manufacturability and reliability.

Their lead-free RoHS solution allows more environmentally friendly product production and full compliance with the upcoming regulations that ban lead in electronic products without impacting the 24-hour assembly turn-time offered by Screaming Circuits. Now this solution includes the advice and answers required to achieve RoHS compliance as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The Web site does not require registration so customers and non-customers alike can benefit from the available information.

About Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits issues quotes and takes and processes online orders for customers nationwide at With automated ordering, live phone support, an on-time guarantee and a 10% first-order discount, Screaming Circuits is a full-service Internet-based contract manufacturer.

Screaming Circuits was formed in 2003 as a quick-turn prototype division of MEC Northwest, a privately held ISO 9000 certified contract manufacturer, offering design and turnkey production volume assembly services to blue chip OEMs. For more information, visit Screaming Circuits on the Web at

MEC Northwest and Milwaukee Electronics Companies (MEC) have been in business for more than 50 years. While Screaming Circuits specializes in quick-turn and prototype to low-volume production needs, MEC Northwest and MEC provide volume manufacturing, design and layout services. Once the prototype board is complete, MEC Northwest can build production-level quantities of a circuit board.


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