Selflube, a Manufacturer of Mold and Die Components Takes a Step Out of the Ordinary and Ventures to New Applications, Other than Molds, Dies and Special Machines

Coopersville, MI (PRWEB) August 20, 2011

SelfLube, long known for the rugged components it supplies to the mold and die industry, has found a new application for its products: racecars.


At first blush it would seem that racecars have nothing in common with the die and mold industry. But, when you think about it, they both have a similar problem: the need to guide and control linear motion when heavy loads are present. Confronted with similar problems, it is therefore not surprising that tool makers and racecar builders both look to SelfLube for a solution.


Racecar owner, Bryce Yarbrough, has found that wear strips manufactured by SelfLube are the perfect solution for guiding movement in the steering system of his racecars. Placed at key pivot points they resulted in a huge improvement in longevity and service life.


Bryce is enthused, “What we formerly used wore out in about 100 miles, but in the last race after 400 miles, the SelfLube Wear Strips were nowhere near having to be replaced. This gives us a big leg up over the competition.”


The reason for this amazing difference in performance and longevity is that SelfLube’s Wear Strips are made of solid aluminum bronze, a material with remarkable resistance to wear. Graphite plugs are also embedded to make it self-lubricating. This combination makes for an ideal component for tool makers and now racecar drivers.


SelfLube is a US based manufacturer of precision mold and die components such as bushings, gibs, wear strips, parting line locks, lifter slides and related items – about 7,000 standard part numbers in all, many of which are self-lubricating. The company sells to build shops throughout North America, which results in both better pricing and better customer service. It’s record for on time delivery is among the best in the industry. SelfLube is a successful growing company that provides superior value to its customers.



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