Sensory Chips Add New Interactive and Robotic Features

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 5, 2006

Sensory, Inc., the world leader in embedded speech technology, today announces the availability of new audio technologies running on Sensorys RSC-4x platform. These new technologies give consumer electronic products extraordinary conversational and interactive capabilities.

New Technologies Enhance Robotics and Interactive Creatures

Now the RSC platform can implement a variety of new technologies that are great for robotics and interactive creatures:

Beat detection. Picking up the amplitude of different sounds in the room as they occur and reacting to them with a movement or display function

Beat prediction. Chip figures out the recurring beat to know how to act moving forward (great for dancing and motion oriented products).

Sound sourcing. Adding a second microphone allows the RSC processor to locate the sound of a human voice.

Talk-back. The RSC can produce speech in response to your talking or inquiries that appears to be conversational speech from a non-human creature.

Pitch detection. A human pitched voice can be analyzed by the RSC processor to figure out the pitches being sung.

Sing back. Combining talkback and pitch detection allows a robotic creature or avatar to imitate a person singing.

RSC-4x Platform Provides Powerful, Economical Speech Recognition

Sensorys RSC-4x product is the worlds best selling speech recognition chip. With its FluentChip technology it is capable of recognizing dozens of speaker independent words or phrases in a single set, and can also recognize speaker dependent recognition words (customized by the user) or perform speaker verification for biometric security. Shipping products in the RSC-4x line include the RSC-4128 and the RSC-464, with 128KB and 64KB ROM respectively. These chips not only talk and hear, but they have an embedded microcontroller that can act as the brain for consumer electronic products, and they record speech, or play back high quality MIDI or digital music. Development is fast and easy with Sensorys award winning QuickTools for vocabulary creation standard micro programming tools (C-compiler, assembler, debugger, etc.) and embedded hardware platforms such as the VR Stamp.

About Sensory

Sensory, Inc., ( is the world leader in embedded speech technologies. Sensory is a profitable private company offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. The companys products are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including telephones, home automation, toys, remote controls, automotive, security, and learning aids. Sensorys customers represent the leaders in consumer electronics, including such companies as Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Uniden and Sony. Additional Sensory offices are located in Portland, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vienna.

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