Small USB device? – No problem

High-quality enclosures from company New Age Enclosures can be assembled by one click.
If we´ll carefully design a device in a way to be as small as possible, it´s natural, that we don´t want to make it bigger by a uselessly bulky enclosure. For this purpose we keep in offer enclosures for small USB or other miniature devices. Despite their small dimensions, they´re constructed with a goal to maximize inner space. For example type P3A-220705U can be assembled by means of 4 lugs – by a simple pressing of both parts to each other.
Small USB device   No problem
This solution has an advantage in an absence of visible screws, nuts or similar and at the same time it speeds up assembly of devices at production. It is worth mentioning, that the enclosure holds relatively very firmly and it´s better to close it after we´re sure we really want to close it. Enclosure P3A-220705 is available without or with an opening for a USB-A connector. To this model it is possible to buy a reset button suitable for wireless devices and similar.
Detailed information will provide you the P-220705 datasheet with a 3D view and on the New Age Enclosures website also CAM models are available.
In case of interest, please contact us at [email protected].
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