SMC Expands Field Bus Offering on Series SY & VQC – 5 Port Solenoid Valves

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) June 29, 2005

SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic products and filtration equipment is now offering ControlNet and CANopen compatible network adaptors on Series SV and VQC solenoid valves/manifolds.


The ControlNet and CANopen serial communication protocol offering from SMC complements, previously released, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CC-Link an As-i protocols.


The compact IP67 (Non-IP65/IP67 for ControlNet) compliant network adopter series EX250 integrates with SV and VQC manifolds and discrete input /output modules in one easy to install package. It has been designed for use in industries including automotive, food and beverage, water treatment, material handling, packaging, electronics and chemical processing.


The EX250 serial network adaptor has been designed to reduce the need for wiring between conventional serial interface units and valves installed in confined spaces. The integrated assembly of the unit comprises a serial network adaptor and a user defined number of solenoid valves mounted on a manifold.


The unit can drive 32 (24 for VQC) solenoid valve outputs and 32 sensor inputs, and is UL/CSA/CE compliant.


The EX250 network adaptor is fitted with advanced self-diagnostics function that include monitoring of solenoid valve voltage and sensor power supply over current cut-off, with status information sent to master PLC.


All piping and electrical connections of the valve manifolds are aligned on one side of the unit to keep design dimensions compact.


Each solenoid valve incorporates an LED on/off status indicator, surge protection to prevent back EMF and a flush mounted manual override button for testing of pneumatic circuit functions


The SV and VQC manifolds are assembled at SMC’s Indianapolis and Tustin facilities. For custom design manifolds please contact one of the 24 SMC sales offices near you


SMC Corporation also manufactures actuators, airline and air preparation equipment, high-purity products, vacuum ejectors, instrumentation, and a host of fittings, tubing and accessories applicable to the machine tool, general machinery and automation industry. With their online product specification tool called E-Tech, customers can specify products, validate part numbers, use sizing calculators and download native CAD files to help select suitable products, and verify selection. Subsidiaries and joint ventures of SMC Corporation have been established in 38 countries, with sales having grown to a 20% share of the world market, earning it the acclaimed “Global 500” industry rating. SMC has a total of 14 production facilities, 3 of which are in North America –Indianapolis, IN, Los Angeles, CA. and Mississauga, Ontario. SMC’s global presence enables to provide best customer service in any part of the world.


For more information on SMC’s line of Serial Network adopters and valve manifolds, visit our website at, or contact Product Manager Balaji Rao at extension 14848.


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