Speedline Technologies to Showcase New Product Features at GlobalTRONICS 2004

FRANKLIN, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2004

Speedline Technologies, Inc., the world leader for single source process solutions for the PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging industries, will showcase a host of new product features for its electronics manufacturing equipment during GlobalTRONICS 2004 in its booth, No. E08, Level 4.


Speedline Technologies (http://www.speedlinetech.com/) will spotlight new features for the AP Excel Stencil Printer, MPM BridgeVision® system, the MPM® Gel-FlexTM Conformal Board Support System, the Electrovert OmniExcel reflow oven, Electrovert Flux Extraction System, and Camalot Multi-Piston Pump throughout the show, September 7-10 in Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (SICEC), Singapore.


The products to be highlighted include:


· The AP Excel stencil printer, built on the proven performance of the industry-leading MPM AP platform, embodies the characteristics required for tomorrow’s electronics manufacturing – speed, reliability, and accuracy. Its impressive throughput, uptime, and functionality are ideal for demanding, high-volume printing applications. The AP Excel printer has a standard minimum base cycle time of 6 seconds – the fastest cycle time in the industry – using MPM’s SpeedMax™ high-speed package. This innovative feature provides triple-track staging capability on a single-track transport, reducing cycle time by 1 to 2 seconds per board (up to 15%) compared to conventional handling.


· The enhanced MPM BridgeVision System (http://www.speedlinetech.com/mpm/bridgevision.aspx) features the U.S.-patented, texture-based method of analyzing potential bridge defects on circuit boards during the post-print inspection process. The system reduces scrap and rework costs by identifying defective and borderline products and preventing them from continuing through the assembly process. Integrated with the normal 2D paste inspection inside the printer, the BridgeVision System assesses the quality of paste deposits utilizing texture-based image acquisition algorithms and a digital camera system. It is available as an option on new, and as an upgrade for installed, Speedline AP Excel™ and AP HiE printers running Windows NT.


· The MPM® Gel-Flex TM Tooling system ( http://www.speedlinetech.com/mpm/gel-flex.aspx) is an innovative and cost-effective answer to the challenge of supporting the circuit board during the stencil printing process. Consisting of non-conductive polyurethane elastomer gel enclosed within a durable membrane shell and mounted to a magnetic base, Gel-Flex tooling is a true conformal board-support system. The compressible gel material provides gentle compliance to delicate bottom-side components and leads while providing firm support for the entire board surface. The new tooling system is available for AccuFlex, AP Excel, Ultraprint 2000, and UltraFlex BBP printers. It is also available as an upgrade for those printers as well as the AP Series, Ultraprint 400, Ultraprint 500, and Ultraprint 1500 platforms.


· The ELECTROVERT OmniExcel series of lead-free capable reflow ovens (http://www.speedlinetech.com/electrovert/omniexcel.aspx) are specifically designed to optimize operating efficiencies, reduce maintenance intervals, and lower life-cycle costs. Design enhancements, such as standard closed-loop blower control and an advanced chamber design for more balanced airflow with minimal turbulence, improve heat transfer and substantially and consume up to 50% less power and up to 30-35% less nitrogen than comparable platforms. In addition, a proprietary self-cleaning Flux Extraction System (FES) reduces maintenance intervals, representing a significant gain in uptime.


· The patent pending, self-cleaning Electrovert Flux Extraction System, available on the Electrovert OmniExcel series of lead-free capable reflow ovens (http://www.speedlinetech.com/electrovert/omniexcel.aspx), reduces maintenance intervals, representing a significant gain in uptime. The Flux Extraction System consists of multiple, multi-stage collection units strategically located within the heating sections to continuously scrub process gas for unwanted particulates. The multi-unit, multi-stage system automatically collects flux into easy-to-exchange jars that will notify users when maintenance is required.


· The Camalot Multi-Piston Pump (http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/piston-pump.aspx) combines the high repeatability of a piston pump with the flexibility and continuous flow design of an auger pump. It uses three (3) pistons to dispense the correct amount of material without the need for a recharge cycle, maximizing throughput. In addition, the Multi-Piston Pump is not affected by changes in material viscosity, and uses a quick-disconnect system for fast changeovers. To minimize downtime, the Multi-Piston Pump can be cleaned and reassembled in less than 15 minutes without the use of tools. For quick pump changes, tool free attachment and quick-disconnect pneumatic fittings enable easy connection to the CAMALOT XyflexPro dispensing system. The XyflexPro (http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/xyflexpro.aspx) system is distinguished by its calibration-free linear gantry drive system, small footprint, and its ability to meet any application need through easy-to-add options. Accurate, flexible, and configurable, the XyflexPro excels at both SMT and semiconductor production applications.


All of the featured products are available now from Speedline distributors and representatives. Visit Speedline Technologies at GlobalTRONICS 2004 in Booth No. E08, Level 4. For additional information, contact Speedline Technologies at 65-6286 6635 or 1-508-520-0083, or visit http://www.speedlinetech.com.


About Speedline Technologies


Speedline Technologies is the global value leader for single source process expertise, solutions, and service to the PCB assembly industry. Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, the company sells five, best-in-class brands – ACCEL microelectronics cleaning, CAMALOT dispensing systems, ELECTROVERT wave soldering, reflow soldering, and cleaning equipment, MPM stencil and screen printing systems, and PROTECT global services, support, and training solutions. For more information, visit us at http://www.speedlinetech.com.


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