Switches MEC Unimec switch in up to eight ways

If we design a device with push buttons, it is usually advantageous when we can use the same push-buttons, independently on whether we use them for switch-on, switch-off, change-over,… Moreover, at a modification of a given device, a possibility to change the function of a given push-button without its exchange is often highly welcome. Unimec series push-buttons easily meet these requirements for versatility, what probably was a reason why a word „Uni“ is also in the name of this series. The quality of the Unimec series is also guaranteed by the fact that company MEC from Denmark already for 75 years develops and produces top quality push-buttons.
Switches MEC Unimec
Unimec push-buttons can be used by up to eight ways, as illustrated in the attached diagram. Unimec are available as momentary or latching and also in a standard or a high-temperature version (for operation at up to +160°C). Unimec are also available with silver-plated conacts (for currents from 0.5 mA) and also with gold-plated contacts, for currents already from 0.5 uA. Maximum current of 250mA (up to 500mA in a steady state) allows a universal usage, including a direct switching of many components, like for example latching relays. High-quality plastics, inner parts made of stainless-steel and an IP54 protection give a presumption of a long lifetime of these push-buttons.
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