Symmetry Electronics and SemiconductorStore to Highlight Leading-Edge Technology Manufacturers

Hawthorne, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2010

Symmetry Electronics, a leader in design-oriented electronic component distribution and their award-winning eCommerce Division,, will highlight experts from four of their leading-edge technology manufacturers in booth 814 at the Embedded Systems Conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston September 20-23, 2010.


A solutions based electronics distributor, Symmetry Electronics focuses their design expertise on the wireless, video/audio and embedded markets. If you want to create real business efficiencies, our lineup of M2M solutions is unsurpassed. Symmetry will be highlighting two leading edge manufacturers that address this market, says Gil Zaharoni, Symmetrys CEO. For developers seeking to leverage the benefits of embedded cellular, Telit Wireless Solutions offers a unique, unified form factor concept that allows developers to easily migrate from one cellular technology to another by simply swapping the embedded module without costly redesigns. For example, if you need to move from CDMA to GSM/GPRS or from GSM/GPRS to UMTS/HSDPA, Telit has a line of modules that features different wireless technologies but the same form, fit and function, enabling integrators and developers to design only once, and take their products global.


Want an easy way to add connectivity to your network, but afraid that your network wont be secure? Take a look at Lantronixs PremierWave EN. Featuring Linux, the integrated CGI- capable device not only adds Ethernet or WiFi to your network, Lantronix has built in AES-CCMP and TKIP encryption to ensure the highest levels of security. added Zaharoni.


Mr. Zaharoni goes on to say Another innovative and cost saving manufacturer we are highlighting is Silvertel. If youre tired of paying electricians to get power to your Ethernet connected device, Silvertels Power-over-Ethernet solutions are an unsurpassed solution. Silvertel has managed to pack up to 36W of power in their new Ag7040, which will accept a 12V input and produce 4 fully programmable output voltages ranging from 0.8v to 5.5v.

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