Easy-DownloaderV1.1 for ATMEL89C2051

Build your own a personal writer forprogramming HEX code into Flash based microcontroller AT89C2051(2k) andAT89C4051(4k). Simple hardware and Easy use software in DOS and Windowversion. Single-side and double side PCB files included.sourcecode with sdcc version! Introduction The first version of the Easy-Downloaderwas designed in 1997 to be used as a tool for my students on […]

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xTimer with 4094 using ATMEL89C2051 microcontroller

The original version of xTimer used MAX7219 for driving 7-segment. This new design uses a cheap CMOS shift register, 4094 for LED interface. Each 4094 drives a 0.5″ 7-segment without the need of limiting resistor. The left-hand LED is timer function with buzzer alarm output. The right-hand is for clock display. Hardware Schematic Fig. 2

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