Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing Solution from Plus Technologies

Dayton, Ohio (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

Plus Technologies is pleased to announce that it has delivered a Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing solution to a large healthcare provider.


The Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing solution is based on Plus Technologies OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) software. Plus Technologies has teamed with a major printer manufacturer to deliver this solution to a large healthcare provider serving the Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia markets.


The customer was looking for a cost effective way to meet the strict requirements defined in the 2007 CMS Tamper-Resistant Prescription Law. The law requires that printed prescriptions have a number of tamper-resistant security features in order to prevent fraudulent acts.


In addition, the customer was hoping to save costs by moving from expensive pre-printed forms to an electronic forms software solution that prints on plain paper. The customer uses McKesson EMR/EHR application products. The McKesson system is able to create the prescription document in pcl output format. The Plus Technologies solution takes the pcl data and strips out unnecessary McKesson data, merges the remaining prescription data with pantographic and microprint data, then delivers it to conventional laser printer. The software creates the prescription document so it can be printed on plain paper saving the costs related with using pre-printed forms which are expensive.


The Plus Technologies embedded pantographic information is laid into the background of printed prescriptions, so the words COPY or VOID appear when the prescription is copied. There are also anti-erasure and anti-print liftoff features to prevent modifications to the original prescription. In addition, a microfont border is applied to the documents for additional security.


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