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Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 24, 2005

A growing market exists for electronic equipment that will operate in harsh thermal environments. Avionics, automotive and geophysical sciences are three of the many industries requiring high temperature operation of electronic circuits beyond 125 degrees C.

Designers of electronic instrumentation which must operate at temperatures above 125 C know that power supply circuits, already stressed by significant power dissipation, are further challenged by high temperatures.

Texas Components continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of high-temperature power supplies and power supply building blocks. With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high-temperature circuits and components, as well as the careful selection of materials and packages, Texas Components offers a broad line of regulators, dc/dc power supplies and power supply filters, specified for operation to 175 C.

TX5320 Positive Linear Regulator

TX5321 Negative Linear Regulator

TX5406 Dual Output dc/dc, 5-12W

TX5407 Single Output dc/dc, 5W

TX5408 Single Output dc/dc, 35W

TX5410 Power Filter

The list above highlights Texas Components standard power supply, regulator and filter offerings. Customers with special requirements are invited to inquire about custom designs or variants of standard products. Call 713-365-9199 or email [email protected] to discuss requirements.

A new very high temperature triple amplifier, the TX5409, is now available from Texas Components. The TX5409 comprises three independent fixed gain (200X or 46 dB) amplifiers in a single hermetic shielded package.

All devices in the Power Products family are specifically designed for sustained operation at high temperatures. Linear Regulators are burned in for 80 hours at 150 C ; dc/dc products receive a 48 hour burn in at 150 C , followed by exercising the product to the maximum case temperature under full load.

Initially offered for use in down-hole seismic applications, the device operates over a temperature range of -20 C to +230 C. Other potential applications include petroleum reservoir monitoring, petroleum logging, LWD and MWD tools. Other features include low noise, low power consumption and wide bandwidth. For more information, see our Web site http://www.TexasComponents.com, call 713-365-9199 or email: [email protected].


Texas Components announces the availability of its high-temperature dual op amp, the TX284, in an 8-lead SOIC package, the TX284-S. This precision device is specified for operation over the temperature range of -40 C to +125 C, with tested units operable to +200 C . The TX284 is superb for single-supply applications requiring both ac and precision dc performance. The combination of bandwidth, low noise and precision makes the TX284 useful in a wide variety of applications, including filters and instrumentation. Call 713-365-9199 or email [email protected] for further information.

Three new high temperature products under development at Texas Components Corporation are presently in the process of being characterized. Input from potential users is solicited. The devices are: High Voltage Power Supply Hybrid 1 Megabyte SRAM High Temperature Crystal Oscillator For more information, or to submit desirable characteristics, call Dan Robison at 713-3659199 or email [email protected].

Texas Components Corporation announces the availability of the second generation version of its DSP-based Data Acquisition System hybrid, the TX5350.

Functionally identical to the initial device, and having the same footprint, the new TX5350 features very robust manufacturing and packaging technology to enhance performance and service life of the device at elevated temperatures.

The 40-pin ceramic DIP package of the new version of the TX5350 fits the footprint of the earlier units.

The TX 5350 comprises a powerful 16-bit DSP with two 10 bit A/D converters, three 10-bit D/A converters, an internal temperature sensor and sixteen digital pins that can be user mapped to any I/O pin of the DSP.

A 4000-gate PGA is also contained in the TX5350. This device is programmed at the die level to determine the personality of the device. Custom configurations allow the user to implement the TX5350’s functions as a proprietary device for the user.

Full-duplex, high speed asynchronous serial interface circuitry is provided for host-to-device communication.

Resident software includes a serial boot loader and debugger, allowing the personality of the TX5350 to be reconfigured without removing the device from the user’s circuit.

For further information, email [email protected], or call Dan Robison at 713-365-9199.

New Foil Wrap Around Surface Mount Chip Resistors From Vishay

Bulk Metal® Foil technology out-performs all other resistor technologies available for applications requiring high precision and stability. Vishay introduces a new surface mount chip resistor, the Foil Wrap Around VSM (Series 0805, 1206, 1506, 2010, 2512). The wrap around termination insures safe handling during assembly processes and provides stability over multiple temperature cycles. Bulk Metal® Foil provides an inherently low and predictable TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance), tight tolerance, outstanding shelf life stability, low thermal EMF, low current noise and very low voltage coefficient of resistance.

For more information, call Nelson Bustos at 713-468-3882, or email [email protected].

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