The Only Microcontroller Course Showing Exactly How to Use the 12F675 for Practical Projects

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (PRWEB) April 3, 2007

Written by a professional engineer the course provides both circuits and firmware including full source code written in the C language.



It uses a compiler that is free for the small amounts of code generated – even so the code demonstrates useful concepts and gives the student complete, working and fully debugged projects.


Project Based Learning

Projects are built up using solderless breadboard so they are easy to construct and and this approach lets the student experiment by changing the circuit.

To start off the first project just flashes a single LED and this allows the student to focus on programming the device – after this more ambitious projects are shown. But importantly the first project is kept simple to ensure the student is confident in programming the 12F675.


Solderless breadboard diagram

To ensure that the circuit is constructed correctly each project is shown as a graphical diagram showing exactly where each component is placed on the solderless breadboard.


Program description

For each project module a project description describes the exact operation of the code so the student will know exactly what the project is supposed to do.



There are seven projects which exercise different peripherals in the 12F675:

The internal oscillator
Input port pins.
Output port pins.
Software USART (sending and receiving RS232 data).
Using an LM35 temperature sensor (Read using the internal ADC).
A simple temperature data logger (storing data in internal EEPROM).
Controlling a servo motor control signal using Timer0.
A more complex servo controller using Timer0, Timer1 and a soft USART.

Note: The last 12F675 project illustrates using interrupts for servo control while at the same time sending and receiving serial data (USART created in software) i.e. a simple multitasking project.


At the end of the tutorials the student will have a good understanding of how the 12F675 works from programming it to creating working projects around it. In addition since the internal peripherals are common to the mid range PIC microcontrollers the student will have gained useful knowledge that can be applied to microcontrollers such as the 16F88, 16F628, 16F877A etc.


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