TOSCA Testsuite Version 7.4.0 Now Available

Vienna, Austria (PRWEB) January 30, 2012

TRICENTIS, worldwide leader in software automation and quality assurance, today announces the release of TOSCA Testsuite 7.4.0. This new version was developed in concert with client requirements for improved software quality and optimized operability. Further innovations are based on the comprehensive best practice methodology Linear Q, developed by TRICENTIS, which minimizes the cost of testing while maximizing test quality. TOSCA 7.4.0 continues the TOSCA tradition of innovative quality assurance already trusted by more than 300 customers worldwide.

The TOSCA model-based approach marks a paradigm shift in automated testing, empowering non-technical users to quickly create automated business test cases in plain English and configure them for multiple operating systems, browsers, and smart devices. TOSCAs OneView Technology provides leap frog advances in software testing, software management and test automation technology and delivers a robust, cost effective, and scalable solution that sets TOSCA apart from its competitors. TOSCA offers certified integration with SAP and with popular Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions, popular Defect Tracking and other testing solutions for medium, large and global enterprises. TOSCA Testsuite was designed with best practices in mind.

Gartner Research Director Tom Murphy stresses the importance of a testing protocol that is precisely tailored to each respective companys test solution: “The majority of the Gartner customer inquiries regarding software testing solutions refer to the testing methodology rather than the testing tools themselves. Powerful tools provide the basis for effective and efficient testing solutions. These software testing tools guide the customers throughout the development of their tests and are highly flexible to meet ever changing customer needs. The most frequently asked software quality questions include: How can we improve the quality of each and every test case and how can we automate the test so as to derive the most value? The use of a carefully selected test suite to ensure optimal software quality has a positive effect on the entire company.

TOSCA 7.4.0 offers next generation advancements that contribute significantly to enhanced test quality:

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