Transverse and Pervasive Partnership Means Faster Time To Market, Business Efficiency

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Transverse and Pervasive Software are partnering to eliminate the integration headaches so common for businesses evolving their apps and data services in SaaS and cloud environments. Transverses leading on-demand subscription billing and Dynamic Revenue Management platform, TRACT, will be enhanced with the cloud and on-premise integration capabilities inherent with Pervasives global data management and integration software.


For IT departments striving to improve their SaaS environments and to integrate billing, ERP, CRM, accounting, payroll and HR packages, the Transverse-Pervasive fabric stitches together all critical pieces. Within minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months, SMBs can quickly configure what they need using pre-built data integrations.


Because Pervasive takes care of approximately 90% of common integration scenarios with our pre-built application and data integrations, Transverse customers will be able to quickly adjust and configure to integrate with, QuickBooks and other widely adopted business endpoints, said Lance Speck, senior director of sales and marketing, Pervasive Integration Products. We look forward to bringing our unparalleled breadth of connectivity, speed of deployment, and the speed and economics of SaaS integration to TRACT users.


Now, our TRACT users will be able to configure services within a few clicks; they can literally be ready to go in as little as half an hour, said Transverse CEO James Messer. The automatic integration helps TRACT customers lower the cost of data entry and the number of errors caused by duplicate data entry, as well as speed time to revenue because of the shorter integration times with accounting and sales automation software.


Getting services out to customers more rapidly, having accurate data and business efficiency all translate into more cash flow important to any those having to prove ROI for new or replacement billing-system implementations.


Because of the Transverse-Pervasive partnership, executives can demonstrate faster time to market and ease of integration with both cloud-based and on-premise applications. The benefits that our customers get from our billing software will be shared with not only existing applications, but future apps that Pervasive supports as well, said Messer, referring to Pervasives reputation as a well-established data-integration vendor capable of accommodating a range of ISVs and SaaS vendors.


For more information about Transverses TRACT solution or innovative Pervasive products including Pervasive Data Integrator, contact:


Susana Schwartz at sschwartz(at)gotransverse(dot)com or Alison.Raffalovich at Alison.Raffalovich(at)pervasive(dot)com


About Transverse


Transverse is an innovator in online billing and Dynamic Revenue Management. Its TRACT solution is the industrys first to provide usage-aware rating, highly configurable dashboards, and rapid-fire analytics all of which converge in a SaaS environment agile and flexible enough to move at the speed of innovation. TRACT helps enterprises transition from one-off interactions with customers toward ongoing, sustainable relationships for which every new configuration opens opportunity for up-sell and cross-sell.


Transverse has won numerous awards for its innovation in billing, including Gartner’s coveted “Cool Vendor” award, being named to the FierceWireless Fierce 15, as a top telecom technology company and the TMC Labs Innovation Award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine for the CRM component of blee(p). Having sharpened its metaphorical teeth on the most complicated of billing problems, Transverse has the depth of knowledge and capacity to handle any billing need.


About Pervasive Software


Pervasive is a global data innovation leader, delivering software to manage, integrate and analyze data, in the cloud or on-premises, throughout the entire data lifecycle. Pervasive products deliver value to tens of thousands of customers worldwide, often embedded within partners’ software, with breakthrough performance, flexibility, reliability and return on investment. For additional information, go to For information on Pervasive data integration and data quality, go to



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