TriQuint Powered Integrated Circuits Used in "Big Bang" Experiment at CERN Facility : TriQuint’s GaAs Foundry Process Technology Implemented in IPtronics ICs Used in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Project

HILLSBORO, Ore. (PRWEB) October 7, 2008

The LHC, billed by some as the “world’s biggest, most highly-anticipated physics experiment” is a 27 kilometer (17 mile) long particle accelerator designed by the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) to help physicists recreate the conditions that occurred just after the Big Bang. The project has been in development for 20 years and includes input from 7,000 scientists from 60 countries. The LHC experiments, besides pursuing basic physics goals, may help scientists treat diseases, improve the Internet, and open the door to travel through extra dimensions.


TriQuint’s GaAs foundry process was utilized by IPtronics ApS as it developed thousands of specialized Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) integrated circuits called PA8-E. The PA8-E devices are used as front-end electronics for Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC), a gaseous detector capable of sub-nanosecond time resolution on very large areas. These GaAs based ICs were shipped to the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics and are being utilized as muon trigger detectors in ATLAS, one of the four experiments being carried out at the LHC. Muons are subatomic particles, which can be produced in high energy (7+7 TeV) proton-proton collisions occurring in the LHC.


Jesper Bek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IPtronics said “I am delighted to note our contribution to one of the most significant physics experiments in our time. It is fascinating to see what can be achieved when great processes and design houses come together.”


Mike Peters, Director of Marketing for TriQuint Foundry said “It is so exciting to know that TriQuint plays a role in the Large Hadron Collider or “Big Bang” project. This project is awe-inspiring in its scope and the spirit of cooperation which has brought together thousands of scientists from around the world to explore questions about to the very nature of our existence.”


TriQuint’s advanced technology process portfolio includes integrated passives, pHEMT, HBT, BiHEMT, and GaN enabling the smallest most cost-effective RF module solutions in the industry. TriQuint offers competitive high-volume manufacturing costs. Customers around the world utilize TriQuint’s foundry services to turn RF designs into products.




Founded in 1985, we “Connect the Digital World to the Global Network” by supplying high-performance RF modules, components and foundry services to the world’s leading communications companies. Specifically, TriQuint supplies products to four out of the top five cellular handset manufacturers, and is a leading gallium arsenide (GaAs) supplier to major defense and space contractors. TriQuint creates standard and custom products using advanced processes that include gallium arsenide, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies to serve diverse markets including wireless handsets, base stations, broadband communications and military. TriQuint is also lead researcher in a 3-year DARPA program to develop advanced gallium nitride (GaN) amplifiers. TriQuint, as named by Strategy Analytics in August 2008, is the number-three worldwide leader in GaAs devices and the world’s largest commercial GaAs foundry. TriQuint has ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Texas, and Florida and a production plant in Costa Rica; design centers are located in North America and Germany. Visit TriQuint at to register for our newsletters.




IPtronics is a fabless semiconductor company offering next generation integrated circuits for Parallel Optical Interconnects. The TIA’s and VCSEL drivers enable low power, high density, high bandwidth and low cost modules intended for the computer, storage and communications industry.


IPtronics A/S was established end 2003 by former Managers, Innovators and Technical Staff from GIGA A/S that was sold in 2000 to Intel Corporation for 1.25B USD. The team has a long standing history of leadership, not only in the field of high speed chip design, but also in building efficient teams and remarkable business results.


Headquartered in Denmark, IPT has an office in silicon valley along with a network of distributors worldwide. Please visit for more information.



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