UK Toys Websites Will Strongly Promote The Use Of Traditional Children’s Toys, Starting Next Month

London, England (PRWEB) August 20, 2008

In recent years we find that things are becoming less ‘real’ in terms of their physical presence. Software is replacing hardware, so that instead of using a machine or a toy in the real world we are using a computer to emulate the functions of that machine or toy. As Waheed Ahmed, Managing Director of says: “I would look for toys online for my daughter, Hibba, and find mainly video games and electronic toys. Before starting my business selling pedal cars, ride on toys and child furniture I never considered wooden toys, and I didn’t consider the damage virtual toys are doing to the imagination of our kids”.


Children are living in an era of blazing fast technological development. Computer circuits are doubling in power every 24 months (Source: Moore’s Law –’s_law) . This rapid development of technology invariably impacts on us as humans, enhancing our minds’ capacity to evolve faster than decades ago.


Human’s brains were originally wired to react to environments where there was physical danger was often around the corner and food was scare. Our environment is now quite different of course.


Kids have an advantage over past generations, and that advantage is that by growing in this fast changing environment, it is easier for them to learn new abilities and improve their creativity. For instance, when they are using wooden toy boxes they can create new or different shapes depending on the toy selected.


Some studies about how children are being affected by television and video games (source: are pointing to the need to reduce the time spent using those devices, and use the remaining time in activities in the real world; playing with a battery car would be a better option.


Next Month, and will promote strongly the use of traditional children’s toys using aggressive marketing strategies focused in the parents and the main users, kids.


There are a lot of educational toys that allow our kids to develop their spacial abilities and creativity. Doll houses, for example, allow them to play with their imagination in a safe environment.


Before deciding to buy another electronic gadget for your infants, people should think about traditional toys like the ones offered by They have carefully selected a variety of toys that will help your kids to develop their creativity and spacial ability if they are used at the right age. As Waheed Ahmed summarises: “It’s simple: the right toys at the right age will aid your children to develop cognitive faculties that cannot be built by virtual games alone”.



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