Unique New Programmer for the Popular PIC Microcontroller in a Key Fob Package

(PRWEB) April 7, 2005

Kanda are specialists in designing and manufacturing tools for electronics engineers. All our tools have the same design philosophy – they must be cost effective and easy to use. Our new Key Fob mini-programmer for the popular PIC microcontroller follows these rules and it is the simplest programmer available.


The key fob programmer is literally that, as it comes in a car key fob case. This makes it very small, light and portable, as well being really simple. If you can unlock your car, you can use this programmer. All you have to do is plug it into a target circuit and press the button. If the light stays green, programming was successful, a red light means there was a problem – what could be easier than that?


The key fob programmer is first loaded from the PC using simple software and a printer port interface. Once it is loaded, it is completely portable and can be used anywhere. To change your data, such as the PIC device type or the file to program, just reload it from the PC as many times as you like.


Once loaded, the key fob programmer can be used where you want, not where you have a PC. This makes it ideal for use in the field or on the production line. If you need to upgrade your products or systems after they are in service or customize them on the production line, the key fob programmer is ideal. Due to its simple operation, unskilled operators can use it without making mistakes. So, if you don’t want programming errors, you don’t have skilled staff or you don’t want to go on a visit, the key fob programmer provides the answer.


Here are a few comments from our customers about the key fob programmer:


“I use it for easy field upgrades on our electronic control project”


“We use the keyfob on our production line to avoid having a PC on the line.”


“We can upgrade an end user by mailing a keyfob.”


“Our remote monitoring systems are programmed using a key fob as the skill level of the person doing the programming can be much lower (you can’t make a lot of mistakes if you just need to push a button).”


For more information, visit http://www.kanda.com/pic-keyfob-handheld.html


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