Virtium Leads Working Group Development of Rugged Small Form Factor DIMM SFF-SIG Standard

Rancho Santa Margarita (Vocus/PRWEB) February 18, 2011

Virtium Technology Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of long-life memory modules for mission-critical applications, today announced that its engineering senior management has played a leading role in the development of a new RS-DIMM Rugged Memory Specification for the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG). Helping designers meet excessive shock and vibration requirements, Virtium chaired the working group to define a highly rugged DDR3 memory module for use with small form factor embedded computing boards such PC/104, ETX, COM Express, AdvancedMCs and other embedded small form factors for the telecommunication, mil/aero and industrial markets. Accompanying the RS-DIMM Specification announcement, Virtium is also releasing its new 4 gigabyte (GB) DDR3 Unbuffered RS-DIMM module. Ideal for highly rugged small space designs, the 4GB Unbuffered RS-DIMM is a 1.5 volt PC3-10600 module that features the ultra-small dimensions of 67.5mm wide, 38mm depth and 7.36mm high. To help OEMs speed time-to-market and facilitate fast adoption, the RS-DIMM design concepts and its shock and vibration testing are validated by a Virtium reference design on one of the companys 4GB DDR3 RS-DIMM memory modules.


The key benefits of a standardized memory module are that customers have access to proven products with multiple suppliers that can result in reduced costs and consistent availability. RS-DIMM also gives designers enhanced flexibility in memory sizes, and provides a significantly higher level of resistance to shock and vibration than commercial-grade memory expansion modules. In addition, the RS-DIMM Specification provides for both RAM and flash memory on the module accessible as a solid-state drive (SSD) through a SATA-2 interface.


To support our customers with first-to-market technologies, Virtium continues to take leading roles in industry standard communities such as SFF-SIG that help us ensure we meet their requirements for next generation memory and solid state storage solutions, said Phan Hoang, vice president of research and development at Virtium Technology.


The release of our 4 GB DDR3 Unbuffered RS-DIMM module demonstrates that the Specification is ready for full adoption and is immediately available to meet rugged application demands for memory.


The RS-DIMM Specification is the first standardized off-the-shelf memory solution for designers of rugged small form factor CPU boards, said Paul Rosenfeld, president of SFF-SIG. Virtium was highly qualified to lead the RS-DIMM development, and I am thrilled we now have an elegant, adoptable standard that can be used to replace the extremely limiting soldered memory solutions, as well as half-baked strap or glue remedies previously used with commercial-grade memory modules.


Product availability and samples of the Virtium 4GB DDR3 Unbuffered RS-DIMM are available now. The new modules are also available with thermal heat-spreader, thermal sensor, conformal coating and underfill protection options.


About the Small Form Factor SIG

The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group is an international organization devoted to identifying, creating, and promoting standards that help electronics system and device manufacturers and integrators move to small form factor technologies and building blocks in their products, and protect their investments. Benefits of small form factor products include smaller size, reduced power consumption (eco-friendly, green products), and greater reliability compared to larger legacy products.


The SIGs philosophy is to embrace the latest technologies, as well as maintain legacy compatibility and enable smooth transition solutions to next-generation interfaces. For more information about the SFF-SIG, visit or e-mail info(at)sff-sig(dot)org.



Since 1997, Virtium memory solutions have been integrated by leading computer manufacturers around the globe, in a wide variety of challenging industries where performance and reliability are paramount, including embedded systems, networking/telecom, storage servers, military/aerospace, medical, and infotainment markets. Virtium combines first to market memory solutions with continuity of support for legacy memory products in mature systems. Virtium provides extra-mile service to save design engineers and procurement professionals time and money. Virtium delivers a worry-free experience.


Its memory module product line encompasses a wide range of densities and data transfer rates in all major memory product categories including DDR3 and DDR2 MiniDIMM, VLP MiniDIMM, VLP Unbuffered Mini-DIMM, VLP Registered Mini-DIMM, SO-UDIMM, SO-RDIMM, ECC SODIMM, Mini-UDIMM and Mini-RDIMM, together with enhancements needed in challenging environments.


Headquartered in Southern California, Virtium is a privately held; financially-sound technology company with U.S.-based design and manufacturing facilities certified to IS0 9001:2000 and AS9100 Rev. B. Virtium maintains representative offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, call toll-free at 1-888-VIRTIUM (1-888-847-8486) or visit Virtium Technology online at



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