VKernel Launches vOperations SuiteTM 3.5 to Support Cloud Initiatives

Andover, Massachusetts (PRWEB) June 07, 2011

VKernel, the award winning provider of enterprise class performance and capacity management products for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, announced today at Cloud Computing Expo 2011, general availability of the vOperations SuiteTM 3.5 (also referred to as vOPSTM 3.5). This release addresses new requirements identified from over 700 VKernel customers, including a number of private cloud and hosting providers. Product features include new VM slot reservations, enhanced capacity modeling, extensible customer reporting, and additional performance measurement capabilities — all designed to meet the needs of hosting firms, private cloud implementations, and organizations deploying advanced virtualized environments. VKernel will showcase vOPS 3.5 at Cloud Computing Expo Booth #239, June 6-9, New York City.


Capacity Drives Performance in Virtualized Environments

IT managers looking to scale virtualized data centers and cloud environments face difficulties ensuring capacity and performance as their infrastructure grows. Demand for new virtual machines combined with growth of existing VMs make it challenging to anticipate capacity demand. For cloud environments that utilize customer self-service portals, unpredictable usage spikes can be especially problematic. Finally, advanced virtual environments and cloud deployments must provide performance, capacity and cost visibility to a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders on a real time basis. VKernels vOPS 3.5 addresses these issues with enhanced capacity planning, performance monitoring, and reporting packaged in a simple to download, easy to deploy, fast time to results application suite.

Enhanced Capacity Planning

vOPS 3.5 adds advanced modeling and VM slot reservations to its already market leading capacity planning capabilities. First, vOPS 3.5 makes modeling what-if scenarios for future VM deployments accurate, quick and easy. vOPS 3.5 now has the ability to quickly clone an existing virtual machines past usage characteristics for use in future capacity models. These cloned VM load signatures can be combined with an unlimited number of other VM resource sizes to accomplish sophisticated what-if scenarios.


Second, vOPS 3.5 now supports VM slot reservations. VM slot reservations enable virtualization administrators to claim capacity in the present for virtual machines scheduled to be deployed in the future. Once capacity is reserved for a future VM deployment, this capacity is removed from available VM slot calculations providing virtualization administrators with an accurate view of truly available VM slots.


Specifically, vOPS 3.5 introduces:



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