Wal-Mart & Best Buy Cited by Market Research Study as Top Retailers for Video Games

Somerset, NJ, (PRWEB) December 2, 2004 –

– Results from Phoenix Marketing International’s Consumer Buying Intentions Survey conclude that Wal-Mart and Best Buy are the preferred retailers when it comes to electronic gaming purchases this holiday season. More than half of the respondents surveyed in the market research study indicate that Wal-Mart is number one with Best Buy coming in second. More than a 15 percentage point spread separates Best Buy from their nearest competitor.


This research study discovered that females are more likely than males to purchase games at mega stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, while males prefer electronic stores and online shopping. “Specialty stores such as Electronics Boutique or GameStop are preferred by younger gamers” stated David Pluchino, Senior Research Manager at Phoenix Marketing International.


“Owners of the more youth oriented Nintendo GameCube, prefer to buy games and accessories at toy stores such as Toys R Us and KB Toys, while owners of the more advanced Microsoft Xbox are significantly more likely to purchase their games at electronic stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City” added Pluchino.


Phoenix Marketing International is one of the premier marketing services firms serving the technology, travel & leisure, financial services and consumer packaged goods sectors. Through a combination of custom market research products and services, syndicated research products such as the Consumer Buying Intentions Survey and sales optimization modeling, PhoenixMI partners with clients to generate sound business and marketing opportunities and produce measurable sales results and a return-on-investment on marketing development expenses.


The Phoenix Marketing International Consumer Buying Intentions Survey is based on a market research study of 30,169 completed interviews with 24,980 having an electronic gaming system in their household including more than half owning a PlayStation 2, Xbox, or GameCube System. This robust sample yields a 95% confidence interval with an error margin of +/- 0.54%.


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