WebChartMD, Pacific Medical Centers Complete Partial Dictation Interface to EHR

Johnson City, TN (PRWEB) March 27, 2012

WebChartMD announced the implementation of a more time and cost-effective technique for generating clinical documentation for Pacific Medical Centers (PMC), in Seattle, WA. The technique, called partial dictation, allows PMCs healthcare providers to use functionality within the Epic EHR to generate some sections of the patient note while dictating other sections. The end result is a hybrid model that combines the power of the EHR with the time and cost efficiency of dictation while reducing transcription costs by 89%.


Our providers love it, commented Pam Gehrig, Director, Health Information Management at Pacific Medical Centers. With partial dictation, our providers can dictate the more context rich sections of the patient visit within the Epic encounter, and those transcribed sections are embedded in the note along with all the other patient visit information entered directly into the EHR. The result is were saving on our transcription expenses while improving the quality of our patient care. Everybody wins.


Partial dictation works by allowing healthcare providers to dictate specific sections of the patient encounter, which are then routed to a transcription resource and transcribed. The completed transcription is automatically routed back to the EHR via an encrypted interface and into appropriate sections of the patient note.


Partial dictation is the perfect marriage of a physicians need for efficiency and a healthcare corporations need for effective patient management systems, says WebChartMDs CTO, Andrew Jebasingh. We see a growing demand among physicians to have the option of dictating certain sections of their patient encounters, and using Epic, along with partial dictation, can help physicians reduce the time it takes to document a patient encounter via their EHR by up to 50%. And when youre seeing twenty or more patients a day, that adds up to a lot of time saved each day.


About WebChartMD

Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, WebChartMD is a medical transcription software solution used by 5,000 physicians at close to 1,100 healthcare facilities nationwide. Using partial dictation and discrete reportable transcription functionality, WebChartMD increases physician productivity by interfacing dictation-based clinical documentation directly into EMR and EHR systems. WebChartMDs unique dictation software allows care providers to dictate using a variety of modalities including phone dictation and hand-held digital recorders, and the transcription software helps healthcare organizations maximize their EMR and EHR investment by reducing the time and cost required for clinical documentation. For more information, please visit http://www.webchartmd.com.

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