WhizNets Announces Multimode RIL For 3G/4G

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

WhizNets Inc., after delivering LTE RIL & WiMAX complete platform infrastructure on Android announces the availability of Multimode Android RIL support for CDMA & LTE. There are many challenges involved in integrating multiple modems into the open-source platforms employed by todays smartphones; including the customizations demanded by the ODMs, Modem vendors and Operators due to variations in interface methods and protocols.

A Radio Interface Layer (RIL) is a layer in a Mobile System which provides an interface to the modem, and works with network to provide mobile service management. In standard Android system a common framework is provided for RIL. This common framework expects specific OEM RIL to be developed to address specific modem chips and operator networks. Typically, a modem chip vendor or ODM both requires this customized OEM RIL to be included in the system. As multiple modems are becoming part of the phones to support the various mobile technologies for global access, RIL has to be created to support multimode in a single or multi modem chip configurations.

“An experience in multiple wireless domains, expertise in developing RIL and experience with other 4G technologies like WiMAX, LTE with modem chip vendors, ODMs and operators, is required to help tackle these challenges by providing full platform support, i.e. Radio Interface Layer (RIL), Virtual network interfaces on Android to service various applications using telephony and data networks” said Atul Garg, CEO of WhizNets Inc.

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Multimode RIL solution for LTE & CDMA has to be designed to encompass the individual specific customization requirement that has to be adopted to support the modem, to handle any of the OEM-specific or network-specific hardware as well as the software features and to have high level of modularization. The Multimode RIL solution shall be capable of enabling other innovations that will happen going forward in 4G space.

Another challenge is the time to get hands on network and test equipments from major test equipment providers for day to day development. A dedicate Multimode AT emulator/tester platform is required to replace modem and network during pure software development. This platform shall provide a mechanism for the development team to do the robust testing of software and the telephony features without getting into the complexity of modem and network. This will help to go to the lab with confidence and do the RF test equipment testing from major test equipment suppliers with state of the art test equipments and operators networks with real modem.

About WhizNets Inc.

WhizNets is the provider of wireless specialized solutions for M2M & mobile Android. WhizNets solutions includes embedded WiFi, LTE RIL, multimode RIL, WiMAX and complete platform infrastructure on Android for ODMs, OEMs, Chip makers and Operators. WhizNets services includes design, implementation, system integration, validation of the embedded WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, CDMA, LTE Vendor RIL for target silicon & customization of the Android middleware together with telephony stack. WhizNets has supported chip set vendors as well as ODMs, OEMs, Operators worldwide in integration, customization & interoperability of wireless technologies like WiFi, LTE, WiMAX & Android.

To find out more about WhizNets and our Android expertise, visit: http://www.whiznets.com or contact sales(at)whiznets(dot)com.

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