Why Doesn’t Everyone Fit These Features To Their Serial to Ethernet Converters?

(PRWEB) August 10, 2005

Kanda have been supplying Ethernet connectivity products for more than five years and during that time the typical “bang for your buck” has increased enormously, just like in the computer industry in general. But the new Pro Series Serial to Ethernet converter unit from Sena takes the features you get for a low price to a new level.

We are talking about low cost units with flexibility built-in to make them do exactly what is needed, whilst remaining easy to use. On the serial side, these units support RS422 and RS485 as well as the standard RS232 and have user settable Baud Rates from 75bps right up to 230Kbps. As well as giving access to all signals, they allow software flow control (Xon/Xoff) as well as the more normal hardware flow control, which makes them usable in many more applications. Serial port buffering allows swifter data transfer without losses. The serial port also has surge protection, again an uncommon feature in low cost units.

Fine, the serial side is good, what about the network interface? Here, Sena have really excelled themselves with so many features that no job is difficult with them. For a start, they support 10Base-T and 100Base-T for faster data throughput. Then we add every protocol that could be needed, including TCP, HTTP and SMTP for Internet based applications, so your application is covered.

Security and logging are vitally important in most jobs and the new Pro Series don’t let you down here either. As well as versatile logging of all system events, the units support SSL, SSH and HTTPS protocols to give a really secure system.

Management of the units is another area where all the bases are covered. In addition to the usual Serial Console and Telnet/SSH interfaces using programs such as Hyperterm and Putty, the Pro Series also come with Windows based HelloDevice management software for really easy setup. If you prefer to use the Internet instead, control can also be done via the web.

What else? Oh yes, the units also include a full function Ethernet modem with AT command set support to facilitate phone-based applications. They also include COM Port redirector software that allows existing (or new) software to communicate with remote serial ports as though they are local COM ports. This means that the user can deal with virtual Serial Ports rather than IP addresses, unless they want to of course.

Finally, if more than one serial port is needed, they come in one, four or eight serial port variants, giving an amazingly low cost per port. For more information, see


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Kanda manufacture and supply a wide range of embedded system tools. We are specialists in In System Programming, low cost emulators and training systems for a wide range of microcontrollers, PLDs and memory devices, including PIC, AVR, ST7 and COP8. We also supply interfaces for USB, CAN Bus and serial to Ethernet conversion.

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