WTRS Weekly Wireless Newsletter Interviews Bob Metcalfe

Mtn View, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2006

The WTRS Weekly Wireless Newsletter, available free at http://www.wtrs.net, is always good reading, but this issue is truly outstanding. It ranges from an in depth analysis of the UWB Working Groups demise, to a lengthy and engaging interview with a true industry leader, Bob Metcalfe, and concludes with a how I did it and why memoir on the installation of an Insteon home automation setup.

Beginning with an analysis of the ending of the UWB IEEE Working Group, after untold meetings of discussion of UWB standards, and what the effect on ultrawideband development will be, written by Principal Analyst Dr Kirsten West.

Next, the latest in WTRSs Executive Interview Series, a long chat with Bob Metcalfe, a founder of 3Com and the inventor of Ethernet, and now acting CEO of Ember Corporation. He answers questions about how a startup started up successfully, and talks about EmberNet, wireless mesh systems, ZigBee, developing sales channels, standards development, and the huge future of seeing many of the roughly 10 billion microcontrollers shipped every year becoming networked.

Finally, one of the WTRS analysts decides to jump in with both feet and install a home automation system of Insteon controllers. Its a frank, detailed, and entertaining recounting of how to choose the right stuff, where to install it and how. Read how the the pet turtle benefits from the automation installation. Read how the analysts twins discovered a secondary safety benefit connected with Insteon controllers, and lost interest in unplugging Christmas Tree lights (a dangerous activity at 3 years of age). The conclusion is that you (too) will like these products if you want affordable, easy to use, highly reliable systems which can be put together in incremental pieces and grow over time. You wont like it if you have this thing about solutions which are not purely wirelessbut more on that next week.

West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (WTRS) is an independent market research and consulting company focused solely on emerging wireless technologies since 1995. Areas of technical expertise include IC technology market trends and developments, wireless technologies and protocols (UWB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiMAX, and other unlicensed standards), and Smart Antennas.

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