XenCare Software Introduces Their Proactive Security-ware "XenCare SoftLock 2.0"

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) September 2, 2008

XenCare Software today announced the launch of their flagship product XenCare SoftLock 2.0 to provide the Windows users simpler yet powerful proactive security solution to deal with threats yet to be identified.


XenCare SoftLock is a lightweight and powerful protection for Windows computers. It is a virtual lock system which, when turned on, thwarts all suspicious activities no matter who tried to do it: a normal program or a threat (virus, spy ware, Malware, Adware) from inside user’s computer or over the network. It prevents programs from automatically making another program (or itself) start automatically when Windows starts. XenCare SoftLock protects creation, deletion, copying and modification of some sensitive types of files (.exe, .dll and .com .sys etc) and thus stops unknown threats spread through malicious program. It breaks the trend of using threat definition databases and periodic updates by conventional security products.


This virtual lock system is superior to other similar products in terms of both ease of usage and low CPU overhead. We can use the analogy of a house to represent a user’s computer system. There are lots of advanced electronic security systems with complex features and closed-circuit cameras with streaming live view on a website so that user can even monitor the cc-view of her house from anywhere. But nothing replaces the faithful lock at the main entrance of the house. Similarly there is a number of such computer System Protection software in the market which is very rich in features and truly effective if the user is smart enough. But they are not without pitfalls. They can be heavyweight with high CPU and I/O consumption or advanced user interface that makes an average user confused to set up the optimal settings.


Again, XenCare SoftLock is not an antivirus. Using the house analogy, the contrast between an antivirus product and XenCare SoftLock will be more evident. Basically, antivirus is something like getting a big wanted list of all bad guys from all law enforcement agency, and putting a guard inside your house telling him kick out anyone to get in my house from that list, no need to add lock on your front door. Whereas, XenCare don’t depend on the correctness of the list or effectiveness of the guard, rather than lock the front door, and unlock it when needed. XenCare SoftLock brings the conventional wisdom back into play that “prevention is better than cure” — prevent the threat before it can infect your system.


SoftLock keeps its constant eyes on what is going on inside your Windows computer, even inside the most restricted areas of Windows kernel. It monitors access requests to program files like executables (.exe and .com), Dynamically Linked Libraries (.dll), drivers and some other. Whenever any program tries to create or modify any binary file on your computer, XenCare SoftLock will freeze it and notify you. You can always unlock the system, install new program and lock the system again. XenCare SoftLock 2.0 supports 32 bit Windows environments of Windows XP and Windows Vista. To get a trial or a complete version of XenCare SoftLock visit http://www.XenCare.com/site/product_softlock.php.


“Future security solutions for 21st century should protect system from threats that hasn’t been identified yet. XenCare SoftLock is just a step forward to that direction,” stated Shafiqul Khalid, founder and Chief technology officer of XenCare Software.


About XenCare Software:

XenCare Software is a Redmond, WA, USA based privately held software security solution provider with an offshore development site in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Founded by former Microsoft employees in 2008, XenCare Software is committed to providing proactive security solutions for the users who are threatened by the current sophisticated, targeted and financially driven threats to computer security. XenCare Software builds its solution for the future using few patent pending technologies to provide proactive protection. For detail information, visit http://www.XenCare.com/, email: info @ XenCare.com.



ATM Shafiqul Khalid

Chief Technology Officer

XenCare Software

17446 NE 28th ST

Redmond, WA 98052

Tel: 425-445-7157

E-mail: atmkhalid @ XenCare.com




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