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Amptronix True Sine Wave/ Pure Sine Inverters Are Now UL458 Compliant Certified by CSA

WALNUT, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2007

Amptronix Inc. is announcing the certification of UL458 compliance of its ATS600-ALT series. The certification of UL458 standard has proven again the Amptronix quality of industrial grade pure/true sinewave inverter.

Continue its popularity of ATS600 Series, this ATS600-ALT pure sinewave inverter has added the transfer switch for detecting power source between AC power generator and DC battery power source input. ATS600-ALT series provide continuous 600W clean sine wave output and 1000W surge output. This ultimate mobile power solution is built by Amptronix RoHS lead-free and ISO-9001 TUV certified facilities with the design of compact and comprehensiveness in mind.

ATS-ALT Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter featuring:

Clean True Sine Wave Output that Eliminates Distortion and Noise on Sensitive Electronics.

LED Indicators for AC in or Battery Power

GFCI Built-In to Avoid Electric Shock

Over-Voltage and Low-Voltage Power Protection

Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection

Over Temperature and Overload Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Optional remote control

ATS600 Series Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters outperform traditional modified sinewave inverters in the market by its cleanest output with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 3%, making it the most reliable and the best-of-breed mobile power solution among competitors in the market. By delivering the purest outputs free from distortion and noises, ATS Series has become the ultimate power solution in maximizing the performance of any device that requires sensitive calibration, such as industrial testing equipment, calibrated measuring equipment, automation, remote power system, solar and wind power generator, video/audio equipment, lighting system, computer, communications, emergency vehicle, marine, RVs, and general backup power, etc.

New ATS600-ALT is designed with more comprehensive features without sacrificing its compactness. With smaller internal components and advanced board design, the actual size of ATS600-ALT series is more compact than before. A remarkable 5.8 lbs. in weight makes it one of the most compact and competitive model in the market. It is more convenient and easy to install in a tight space.

For user convenience, this pure sine wave inverter series also featured remote control as optional accessory. This user-friendly remote control enables user to remotely switch on and off the inverter.

The complete line of pure sine wave inverters features 150W, 300W, 600W, 1000W and 1500W continuous power with up to 3000W surge output. “Amptronix true sinewave inverters have been successfully applied in various industries worldwide such as automotive, solar, photography, etc. We expect to see more industry in the need of industrial grade portable power with clean output for their specific applications,” said Peter Lee, product manager at Amptronix.


Amptronix pure sine wave inverters with 150W, 300W, 1000W and 1500W output with the option of transfer switch built-in are also available immediately upon request. For projects support please call Amptronix, Inc. at (909) 839.2858, email or visit company website at for more information.

About Amptronix

Amptronix, Inc. markets and distributes a variety of mobile electronic products, including 3-stage battery chargers, modified sinewave power inverters, pure sinewave power inverters, battery-care products, Mobile DVR, embedded DVR, embedded media player, digital signage platform, automotive TFT displays and other mobile electronic accessories for various vertical applications in the United States.

Our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility follows the standard procedure to ensure consistent product quality and performance. Our products are made to meet safety standards such as CE, UL and CSA; we also will help customers to work through the lab testing to get the certifications.

Additional information about Amptronix is available at For product images send email.


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