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DIY TiX Clock using ATMEGA16 AVR microcontroller

Here's my instructable for a DIY TiX clock.  It is powered by an AVR microcontroller.  The display is made up using a piece of reflector grid you find covering office lights, some smoked perspex, a diffuser and a bunch of LED's.  The Idea came from the Tix clocks you can buy at various places on the web, but nothing beats making it yourself.  It is a talking point in the lounge and once you are used to read ...

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DS1307 based Clock using lcd

This project gives you a real time clock with the RTC chip DS1307. This RTC chip has inbuilt oscillator for clock and it has its own registers for full calender. In this project we dont take care about the days and we just use the time functions. There are 3 push buttons on the circuit to change the time and the time is displayed over the LCD display. You have to provide battery backup for the RTC chip, so ...

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