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ATTiny2313 Multi-mode LED Matrix Clock

This is a mutli-mode clock project based on attiny2313. it employs a 8x8 led matrix as display. with the limited resolution, this 12 hour clock shows time in 6 different modes. The circuit employs row and column multiplexing to drive the leds, one row at a time, this gives a 12.5% duty cycle when "sets" of leds (8 of them in each of the 8 rows) are turn on briefly. Current limiting resistors are eliminated ...

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Real Time Clock PCF8583 Using AVR microcontroller

Description The PCF8583 is a clock/calendar circuit based on a 2048-bit static CMOS RAM organized as 256 words by 8 bits. Addresses and data are transferred serially via the two-line bidirectional I2C-bus. The built-in word address register is incremented automatically after each written or read data byte. Address pin A0 is used for programming the hardware address, allowing the connection of two devices to ...

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Real Time Clock ATMega16

Description The ATMega16 chip in the M16 has a real-time counter that operates asynchronously when a 32,768hz watch crystal is connected to it, providing a real-time clock. Bascom has built-in support for the RTC, making it very easy to use time functions. The watch crystal needs to connect to pins TOSC1(pin 28) and TOSC2(pin 29). The time and date can be set via the PC serial port connection. Hardware requ ...

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DIY TiX Clock using ATMEGA16 AVR microcontroller

Here's my instructable for a DIY TiX clock.  It is powered by an AVR microcontroller.  The display is made up using a piece of reflector grid you find covering office lights, some smoked perspex, a diffuser and a bunch of LED's.  The Idea came from the Tix clocks you can buy at various places on the web, but nothing beats making it yourself.  It is a talking point in the lounge and once you are used to read ...

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DS1307 based Clock using lcd

This project gives you a real time clock with the RTC chip DS1307. This RTC chip has inbuilt oscillator for clock and it has its own registers for full calender. In this project we dont take care about the days and we just use the time functions. There are 3 push buttons on the circuit to change the time and the time is displayed over the LCD display. You have to provide battery backup for the RTC chip, so ...

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