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Color Sensor Circuit with AT89S52 ADC0808

This color of the surface color to red when you bring to the surface, a sensor to read the LDR, yellow, blue.Red, yellow and blue lights in different surface finishes as a different yansıtmalarını works by taking a foothold. Will be reflected from the surface to send 3 ledlights, this ledlerin to read the value of LDR, its resistance to read to see which is the LCD, LCD ledin brightness potentiometer and different values to adjust resistors, AT89S52 microcontroller and ADC.

LDR to turn digital information to analog information from analog to digital converter-integration used ADC0808.This project did a non-microcontroller with built-in ADC.I have the same circuit with an internal ADC controller could have an easier way.

Color Sensor Circuit

Color Sensor Circuit Diagram

Used Elements

  • 3 x Ultra bright led
  • 3 × 220 ohm resistor
  • 820 ohm resistor
  • 1 k resistor
  • LDR
  • AT89S52 microcontroller
  • 2satır-16 characters LCD
  • 2x20p, 1x10pf capacitor
  • 12MHz chryristal
  • 10 k potentiometer
  • L7805 integrated
  • ADC 0808

Operation Of The Circuit

Circuit mikrodenetleyicinin 18 and 19. uçarına XT oscillator is connected to the phone. The controller is needed to run the Palsy of the oscillator.Depending on the desired effect is poured directly from the source LEDs işığı. Adc 0808 of outputs connected to the P1 controller port on the mic. ADC0808 of analog input 8-bit numerical value digital information from döniştürüldükten and then P1 port.These numeric values are processed in the program of prayer and then sending that detect which color lcd to

Proteusta is not plotted on linear instead of LDR LDR of LDR. ADC 0808 of IN7 (analog input) to be converted to a numeric value from the tip of the voltage is done in the following way;

ADC is ultimately only a digital element portlarında unit produces the 1 ‘s and 0 ‘s information …

I can’t say that is sensitive to the values between 0 and 5v. ADC converts the information to a value from 0 to 255 and 256 volumes of information from the resolution.For this exercise, simply 8-bit adc.

As an example, it is worth to be read this * into * the adc Tip 2.1 volts, 107-108, there will be a number such as (2 * 256/5).

For more detail: Color Sensor Circuit with AT89S52 ADC0808

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