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Customizable Rotary Switches for your Interface Project

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) August 22, 2004

The thiNcoder EZI 2.0 rotor switch can give you the look and feel of a mechanical rotor with the benefit of being on an electronic flex circuit. This flat panel electronic rotor switch can be integrated right into your membrane/flex circuit switch panel or can be utilized as a stand-alone product.

The EZI 2.0 won’t replace the thiNcoder® RT (also a Duraswitch technology), but will add new capabilities to GGI’s rotary switch offering, and allow customers greater flexibility and customization possibilities of their interface projects. Although it was designed to meet an increasing demand in the white goods’ market, the thiNcoder EZI 2.0 can be found in medical, industrial controls and military applications.

Benefits of the EZI 2.0 include:

• Cost effective – integration on a flex circuit eliminates secondary rotor assembly processes

• Wide variety of electronic output options (can function as a 5-bit encoder, 2-bit repeating grey code or selector switch)

• Long life rated to 100,000 rotations

• Easily integrated with other switch products including PushGate® and MagnaMouse™ as well as dome and membrane switches, into one thin panel utilizing a single flex circuit and connector

• Electronic output and detents can easily be customized to meet specific customer requirements

• Environmentally sealed – eliminates through-holes

“We’re very excited about this new product, it offers our customers an alternative to other rotary switches on the market today” said Peter Graham, Co-President of GGI. “As the exclusive Canadian licensee of Duraswitch technologies, the thiNcoder EZI 2.0 is another innovative product that helps GGI differentiate itself in today’s competitive market”, added Graham.

To find out more about the thiNcoder® EZI 2.0 and other GGI products, visit the Web site at Make the switch to GGI, technology leader in membrane switches and interface solutions.

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