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Direction Aware Messaging LED Spin Top

video Direction Aware Messaging LED Spin Top

We recently built a LED spinning top with message display. Its an
improved version of a similar top published by Elektor in their
December 2008 issue. The Elektor top can be spun only in one
direction. The synchronization required to print message on the LEDs
arranged along the radius of the top is achieved by detecting the
earth’s magnetic field.

LED Spin Top

Our top can spin in either direction and print a message accordingly.
In our improved version of the spinning top, we used 2-channels of
magnetic field detector circuit placed 90 degrees apart along the
circumference of the circular PCB, to provide quadrature phase output
that allows the top to detect the direction of spin and thus is able
to adjust the LED pattern appropriately.

For more Detail: Direction Aware Messaging LED Spin Top

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