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Make an automatic plant light using ATTiny26 Microcontroller

This light helps your plants grow.

I got the idea from the Garduino, but nothing is taken from it. The schematic and the program are mine.

This plant light gives your plants 4 additional hours of light per day. When it gets dark, it turns on and after 4 hours of darkness, the light turns out. The light restarts when it detects light.

automatic plant lightYou will need:

1x ATTiny26
1x 5V Wall adapter
3x Red LEDs
1x 30ohm resistor
1x 20 ohm resistor
1x 100kohm resistor
1x 50kohm resistor
1x power socket
1x power plug

plant container
I used a plastic container and drilled two holes in the side. The wire goes inside those holes.
You should use some imagination and make one with the materials at hand.

You can’t see it on the schematic, but the + of the adapter goes to Vcc and the – to GND.
The plug helps to make the light more mobile.

For more Detail: Make an automatic plant light using Microcontroller ATTiny26

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