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New Product to enhance school science and technology curriculums through hands-on project based learning methods.

(PRWEB) January 6, 2002

This educational electronics kit institutes the most current national and state high school learning standards in the Science and Technology/Engineering curriculum frameworks. We derived this product from actual project based courses taken on the university level in microcontrollers. The MIDI electronic drum kit can be used by educational providers to enhance the student’s classroom experience in a variety of ways. For instance, those teaching on a Jr. High/High School/College level could easily use this kit to teach and demonstrate the overall design process for many of the electronic devices on the market today. The MIDI electronic drum kit can also be used again in future classes, because the assembly of the kit requires no soldering of parts. The components are just placed into the holes of the solderless circuit board included in the kit, which offers the cost benefit of product reusability.

The electronic drum kit works by communicating with the soundcard of a standard PC, via the MIDI protocol, to create realistic sounding percussion instrument sounds. The MIDI protocol standard supports a total of 61 percussion instrument sounds from all around the world of which 8 can be pre-programmed into the microcontroller to create a customized drumset for each student or group. Click Here to find out how the 61 different MIDI percussion instruments sound, when the electronics drumset is connected to the soundcard of your computer.

Our kits are challenging, but fun to build and come complete with all the parts needed for assembly and operation. Additionally, in order to enhance the learning experience of all, we have included a CDROM featuring instructional documentation containing very detailed instructions for construction, operation, theory of operation and testing. The instructional document also contains detailed images for every step in the assembly process and is unique because it explains the steps involved in the design process for microcontrolled electronic devices while allowing the student to assemble their own customized electronic drum kit.

The person who successfully assembles this MIDI electronic drum kit, not only learns about the design process for microcontrolled electronic devices as it currently exists, but also learns about the state of music composition in the 21st century by implementing the MIDI protocol standard. With this in mind, both students of science and music can use this drum kit to give insight into the future of electronic device design and music composition.

Please visit our website at for more product and ordering information or call us directly at (413) 532-5774.

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