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RF 2 channel remote control 418MHz using AVR microcontroller




How many times you needed some remote control to handle some electric device ? Many times. There are lot of remote controls like infrared, RF, SMS (like my other circuit) and more. The basic small-range remote controls are 2, Infrared and RF (Radio Frequency). One of the weaks of Infrared is that the signal can not pass the walls. So, if you want to control your garage door, the only way is to use some RF remote control. The circuit (transmitter and receiver) uses few components and ordinary (I love few component circuits) . It’s easy to be built  because you don’t have to tune-up any coil or variable capacitor. The RF modules are fix to work in 418MHz area.

I have designed this remote control considering :

a.) the verification of the received data because many other devices are working in this frequency (418MHz)

b.) and the power-saving of the transmitter. A transmitter must have long battery life. It’s not the best choice for you to change the battery every  3 days 😉 . I don’t care about the receiver`s power supply, because receiver must be working all the time.



  • Standby: <1uA (less than 1 microampere)
  • only 3v power supply
  • 10…15m distance range
  • 2400 bps communication
  • 2 initial bytes for device recognition (ID bytes)
  • calculate the checksum of the sent data (to avoid fake commands)
  • few components
    • small size


  • Hardware UART at 2400bps
  • 4 bytes (32bit) length communication
  • checksum of the received bytes  (to avoid fake commands)
    • few components
    • small size

Transmitter description

The transmitter is constituted by AT90S2323 microcontroller and TLP-418A RF transmitter module that works at 418MHz. I have designed the transmitter for more battery conservation and safe transmission of the data.


  • The battery conservation was made by using the power-down mode of AVR. In this case the AVR goes to sleep with less than 1uA (microampere) current and wait for external interrupt on pin PB1 to awake from sleep mode and continue operating.

For more detail: RF 2 channel remote control 418MHz using AVR microcontroller

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